Meet LFW's Front-Row Fixtures

If we weren't on the clock, we'd totally make up a London Fashion Week drinking game. The rules? Take a shot for every Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof, or Olivia Palermo sighting, and try not to black out as you lurch past the runway.
Though LFW isn't without its surprise appearances — remember the season of Kanye and Amber Rose? — it definitely has its share of "usual suspects" sitting in the front row, making small talk with the starlet du jour and fighting the urge to take a selfie with Anna Wintour.
So, who are these people? Glad you asked. To answer that pressing LFW question of "Why is everyone taking that person's photo?" we've prepped a handy primer to help you ID the bloggers, socialites, models, catwalk characters, and random celebs flanking the runway. Now, drink!
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