Why Are Swimsuits Always So Expensive?

hermes-swimsuitPhoto: Courtesy of Hermes
Even if you're more of a one-piece kind of gal than a string bikini person, swimsuits are probably some of the flimsiest garments we own, taking up about the same amount of square inches of fabric as a hankie. So, how, then, can swimsuits cost upwards of $100?
Slate dug into the topic and found out that the engineering behind a swimsuit can oftentimes be much more complicated than that of a dress. Unless you have a supermodel's physique (and elasticity), you probably look for a suit that provides some support. Additionally, swimsuits are made for activity, and a good pair won't come undone or ride up during a cannonball and start drooping and peel off afterward, which is something that most other clothing items don't have to deal with.
Another reason lies in seasonality. Anyone who's looking for a swimsuit during the off-season (September, for example) knows just how difficult it is to find one. The short production and promotion season means that manufacturing costs can rise significantly. Click through to Slate to read the entire breakdown, and pay a little more respect to your trusty triangle bikini the next time you barrel off the springboard. (Slate)

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