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A few weeks ago, we got the chance to talk with American Horror Story actress and Neutrogena spokeswoman, Emma Roberts. The star was in the midst of packing for her upcoming trip to New Orleans to begin filming the new season of AHS, but kindly took the time to speak to us about her summer plans and of course, all things beauty.
Since she was literally about to hop on a plane when we spoke, Roberts seemed a bit rushed, but was excited to talk about her upcoming travels and what she was looking forward to doing this summer. Of course, the moment things turned to beauty, she really lit up, passionately extolling the virtues of sunscreen and explaining to us why we just had to try this mascara that she swears by.
And yes, to address the elephant in the room, we know this happened just after the interview took place, but since no one really knows what went down for sure and it's a personal matter we haven't been invited into, we're totally not going to go there. As Salt 'N Pepa so sagely said, It's none of (y)our business.
While the temperatures have blessedly cooled down, we're preparing for some serious heat as we settle into August. How do you deal with whackadoo temperatures?
"I wear sunscreen non-stop. I'm so pale, so if I don't, I'm red in two seconds. I make sure to apply to both my body and my face. For my hair, I try to use some sort of hair oil when I get out of the shower, otherwise my hair poufs up. I'm spending the summer going between two really hot places back and forth (New Orleans and L.A.), so as far as clothing goes, denim shorts and a tank top, or a sundress."
Who are some of your favorite designers?
There's a store I like called Planet Blue — they have easy summer dresses you can just throw on. For bikinis, I love Missoni. I also have a couple from Bikini Thief — they come with this cute little bag you can put your wet bikini in so you don't ruin your bag. I also love Rag & Bone denim shorts, and Wildfox does some cute, summery, girly stuff."
You've been traveling around a lot lately — Paris one day, L.A. the next. What are your secrets to looking good and staying sane while on the road?
"It's really hard to keep it together when you are traveling all the time, especially with your hair and makeup. I bring the Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes with me because they are easy, and I always jump on a plane with makeup on. Wipe your face with them and it's the second best thing to getting to properly wash your face on the plane. I try to pack light, but that never happens. All I want to wear when I'm traveling is pajamas, but I can't, so I do a comfy pair of jeans, a comfy tee, and a sweater because I always end up freezing on the plane. I've worn a dress before, but that's never comfortable."
What is the one summer essential you can't live without?
"I can't go anywhere without mascara — I can go without anything else, but I need my mascara. I use the Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara. I like it because I can reapply all day long and it doesn't flake on my face throughout the day. I also just love a good summer tote. I'm usually either going to work or I'm going to the beach, so I love a good tote because I can throw everything in there (my script, my iPad, etc.) and not worry about it. Rebecca Minkoff does some good ones that I really like."
What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?
"I'm desperate to get to a water park this summer. I used to always go to water parks when I was a kid, and it was the best time ever. I can't even remember the last time I went to one. When I'm down in New Orleans for the summer, I'm going to get a group together. My favorite ride is the wave pool — it's so fun and all your friends can come in and play around with you. I'm actually so scared of the tube slides. They're covered and I'm always scared I'm going to drown. I just sit and wait at the bottom and laugh at my friends when their bikini tops fall off."
What's your summer guilty pleasure?
"I eat so much ice cream in the summer. In L.A., it's always summer weather, so it's a good excuse to eat a lot of ice cream. You know Sprinkles, the cupcake place? Well, they do ice cream, too and it got to a point where I was going every night. My favorite flavor is peanut butter cup —I love PB anything, but especially in ice cream."
What's on your summer reading list?
"Right now I'm finishing the Barbara Walters memoir, Audition . It's so fascinating, and thick, so it will take me some time to get through it. I love memoirs, but also like a good novel. I go to the bookstore and look at what's on the tables up front, and usually I can find something I love."
Do you have any beauty bad habits you can 'fess up to?
"Not so much anymore, because I've gotten into a routine and I always make sure to wear sunscreen. When I was younger, I would forget SPF and go to bed with makeup on, but as I got older, I had to kibosh those habits. You have to be on top of it — I used to not be good with my skin care and you could tell. There's nothing worse than going to bed and waking up for work the next morning with a pimple."
In addition to being on the red carpet circle to promote her new movie, We Are The Millers, Roberts is also pulling double-duty with Neutrogena to promote a special offer they are running with Target. All this month, when you buy two of Roberts' favorite Neutrogena products, you'll receive a free wristlet — the one Roberts is so coyly holding up in this photo. We do love a good GWP...

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