Channing Tatum Modeled In Diddy's Fashion Show Wearing A Crazy Outfit

We're going to let you take a minute to process the image you've just gawked looked at.
Alright, so back in 2003 Diddy (known as P.Diddy then) was at the helm of his Sean Jean clothing line. Channing Tatum hadn't even had his breakout role in CSI yet, and was apparently modeling (in addition to honing his Magic Mike skills). Perhaps Diddy's superstar sixth sense knew that Tatum was going be big, and had him don the craziest outfit of the whole collection. Just look at that pout, the brooding stare, the long johns, and that coat. This, everyone, is what 2003 BBM (Before Bane and Macklemore) looked like, and we are so thankful it was never a thing. Tatum, however, he can stay. Bless Diddy for discovering him. (Buzzfeed)
Photo: Rex USA.

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