When Dresses Attack: 10 Red-Carpet Mishaps That Are Endearing, Not Gross

Right off the bat, let us make it clear that invasive paparazzi shots of women in motion who are being scrutinized from every angle are definitely a no-go around these parts. To us, "wardrobe malfunctions" feel particularly exploitative and we don't care for them. So, to be clear, nothing scandalous will be seen here.
What you will get, however, is a glimpse into what happens when you put humans without super-powers (i.e. everyone) into crazy outfits with elaborate makeup and then subject them to unpredictable environments — complete with tornado-like gusts of wind, errant handlers, rogue earrings, and um...Madonna — and then photograph the whole thing. Because even in Hollywood, wrestling with your ornery outfit often means that it'll fight you right back. And sometimes, it'll win.

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