Choose-Your-Own Adventure Sex Is Apparently A Thing

The door opens slowly, revealing a dimly lit corridor and an empty passageway. If you want to hightail it out of there, turn to page 23. If you want to have a super sexy encounter, turn to page 45. Because that is a thing that you are now able to do.
With a "wish-we'd-have-thought-of-it" business plan, Sexy Tales allows for users to call up and leave up to ten different sexy messages that allow your partner to listen to a "choose your own adventure" of dirty talk. Some examples: "How else would you like to be teased? Press 1 for my hand. Press 2 for my mouth" or "Press 1 if you want me to reach inside your pants and hold you. Press 2 if you want me to send wet kisses down your chest. Or I could go farther..." Scripts can be pre-written or you can freestyle it if you are feeling particularly randy, and the service is gearing up to target long-distance couples looking to inject some sexiness into their separation.
Though the notion sounds a little over-the-top, that may be the point. Getting couples to blush and giggle about their desires may sound funny, but it is a good start to more open and honest conversation. (The Daily Mail)

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