Relevant: A New Era Dawns With The Invention Of The Twist-Off Wine Cork

You'll always remember this moment — sitting in front of your computer, right here, right now — when you first heard of the twist-off wine cork. You'll remember how the light in the room got a little brighter, the tension in your neck disappeared, and you felt as if you could float through the ceiling, weightless.
That's right folks, after 5,000 or so years of struggling with corkscrews, corking fine wines, and periodically using a kitchen knife to get at that sweet, sweet vino, our lives have changed with one invention as brilliant and epoch-making as the steam engine or the lightbulb. Created by cork-manufacturers, Amorim, and those bottle-makers O-I, this threaded cork stopper not only unscrews as easily as those awful plastic tops you've been seeing everywhere, it screws back in, as well. That's right, it screws back in. Breathtaking.
It took four years of R&D to complete this innovation and it will probably be at least another two before it actually hits the $8 to $15 bottle market — but, folks, it's coming, it's really coming. Right now, we don't even mind that we never got the jetpacks those Space-Age futurists promised us — this represents a better, boozier tomorrow than we ever could have dreamed. (Gizmodo)
Photo: via Gizmodo.

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