A New Low: Scrotum Facials Are A Thing

Unless you're living under a rock (or should we say rocks?), you've heard that George Clooney once mentioned "ball ironing" in an interview. His comment was assumed to be a joke about Hollywood's constant quest for eternal youth and bodily perfection, but we're not so sure that he was kidding — we wouldn't put it past the Cloons, actually. And, as multiple sources have reported, weirder (or just as weird) things have happened. Like vagacials.
Well, rest assured that whether Clooney's low riders truly got Botox or not, a man can, in fact, have his down-below boys pampered (at multiple salons, no less). Because, obviously what women are really looking for in a man is smooth skin and a taut appearance in his nether regions — of course, we're assuming they're already hairless. Manscaping newbies: be afraid, be very afraid. (The Cut)

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