The Irreverent, F-Bomb-Dropping Stationery That's Pretty AW-some

Whenever birthdays, graduations, and weddings roll around, we find a similar scene at the drugstore: rows and rows of the same-old greeting card. The cheesy, the "funny," the sentimental that really is just trying too hard. Frankly, we like our greetings short, to the point, and that don't feel like the stationery equivalent of giving a "#1 Dad" mug for Father's Day (which is next week. You knew that, right?).
That's the kind of thing you won't find with New York-based Terrapin Stationers. The 100-year-old company has set themselves apart in the highly competitive stationery field with greeting cards that say how you really feel. Imagine the warm and fuzzies you'll spread with a card that says "I f*cking love you" or "I want to nail you." And, the most important woman in your life may even shed a tear from a card that reads, "Mom, you don't suck."
Yes, Terrapin is using F-bombs, marijuana leaves, and plenty of humor to set itself apart from the Hallmarks of the world, and Cool Hunting got an inside tour of the stationery company's production headquarters. Take a peek at the video below, which highlights the old-school methods of a company that's not afraid to push the envelope. Then, browse the merchandise for yourself right on R29 Shops.
Photo: Courtesy of Terrapin Stationers

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