Ghesquière's Faithful Posse Is Bigger Than Ever In 032c

Kristen Stewart doesn't say much — and when she does give quotes, they can be hard to decipher. But she's really gushing in the latest issue of 032c , which features an expansive 38-page photo and interview feature with former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière.
Ghesquière's departure was scandalous enough when the news first broke, but it's been picking up steam in the industry's gossip circles lately due to his recent statements that working at the company was a frustrating, disappointing, even stifling experience. All that gets fleshed out in this interview, with Ghesquière touching on a myriad of future projects that gives us the impression he's choosing from a veritable bouquet of companies begging to bring him onboard (not surprising). The mag also brings in Charlotte Gainsbourg, Pierre Alexandre de Looz, Grace Coddington, Hamish Bowles, and others for the ride — with Kristen Stewart, the former face of the brand's fragrance, as a notable selling point.
Stewart speaks in her usual teen-in-revolt, curse-ridden style, praising Ghesquière and taking down just about eveyone else: "[Ghesquière] is a reminder of how fucking annoying everyone else is. It’s not easy to walk a line that not every single person in the world is going to get in a second. Nicolas is the sort of person who loves swimming in rough water." But on the bright side, she's had some of her brightest moments in his designs (though, that clearly wasn't the desired mood of her ad campaigns). "I’ve felt the happiest I’ve ever felt wearing these clothes. I’ve also felt androgynous and rigid. Sort of like you’re wearing a fucking building."
And though her contract with the brand ended naturally just before he left his post, Stewart said she would've given it all up for the designer. In a quote exclusive to The Cut, she says when she saw him looking down-and-out after his final runway show, she simply said, "I'll totally run away with you."
As for Ghesquière himself, he's certainly come out on top of this mess. Balenciaga has been mostly mute on the subject, but his harsh words have certainly changed a lot of people's perspective on the brand — a perspective that was, to be frank, largely created by Ghesquière in the first place. And while we're now left wondering what all this drama means for his successor Alexander Wang, one thing is certain: Ghesquière has the power of some very influential people on his side, come what may.
Photo: Courtesy of 032c.

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