This Shocking Chart Shows Us NYC's Inequality Problems

One of the things we love most about the Big Apple is the amazing combination of people, from all walks of life. New York City is the ultimate melting pot, and we couldn't be prouder to live here. But, as diverse and multicultural as we are, we've got one huge income-inequality issue looming. One look at the multi-million dollar town homes of the Upper East Side will show you just how disparate our city's wealth is, but this new infographic from The New Yorker opened our eyes even more.
The literary zine tracked info from the U.S. Census Bureau, and organized the city's subway system into a graph of income. Along each train line, you can see the totally shocking range — and the not-so-coincidental placement of wealth. Nearly all of the city's richest citizens reside near stations in Manhattan, with the Chambers Street 1 and A stops and the 63rd Street F stop taking some of the top spots. Click over to literally see the city get richer and poorer, and start thinking about what we can do to change this trend. (The New Yorker)
Photo: Courtesy of NYC Go

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