Pinteresting! The Repinning Site Gets A New Layout

They say change is a good thing, and in our humble opinion, nothing proves that phrase more than when an addictive social-media site switches things up. Following in Facebook’s recent footsteps is another Bay-based site that has us glued to our computer screens: The must-repin-everything hub, Pinterest, has unveiled a spankin’-new layout that won’t have you longing for the original. Honestly, the changes are so subtle, you might not even spot them. Luckily, we’re here to break it down for you!
The most apparent addition to the redesign is the absence of white border space surrounding the images — this allows for larger pictures on your feeds and boards. Speaking of — creating a new board on your profile will be easy-peasy as there’s an added clickable box to create a fresh folder. Most importantly, discovering new pins has become an even more interactive experience, thanks to new features like side panels (these display other pins from the same board) and a section that lets you see what “people who pinned this also pinned.” Yeah, the site has become that much more of an endless labyrinth of inspiration. (We thought it was impossible, too!)
But, don’t whip out your phone just yet, pinsters! The updated look is only available on the desktop for now. So tell us, do you think these small changes pack a big punch, or do they leave your pin “bored”? Weigh in below! (Mashable)
Photo: Via Pinterest

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