Annoying S.F. Craigslist Ad Highlights Hummingbirds And Kale Smoothies

San Francisco is known for many things — breathtaking views, tech-sters (techie hipsters), an exceptional food scene, and, oh yeah, being a pretty hippie-dippy chill place to live. And while we’re totally sticking to this laid-back vibe we’ve got going here in S.F., we can’t say we haven’t had plenty of “only in S.F.” moments involving vegan kale smoothies, Portlandia-worthy "Is it local?" convos, and rowdy poetry slams in neighboring apartments. So, when we stumbled upon this quirky Craigslist ad, well, it rang pretty true.
Re-posted on Jezebel, the home listing is filled with gems like, “Stepping into the newly remodeled kitchen, Marina asks if you would like to taste some of the kale smoothie she just made” and “It’s so sunny and everyone is smiling as they walk their dogs or push their adorable and well-dressed children in their strollers. Welcome to the Dogpatch, my friend.” The listing, while meant to be somewhat sarcastic (we hope), is pretty hard to read without breaking out in a cringe-slash-giggle. But, hey, we appreciate the effort and time put into it. Actually, now that we think about it, this Dogpatch-utopia doesn’t sound all that bad. Afterall, we happen to love a good veggie smoothie in the A.M.! (Jezebel)
Photographed by Klassy Goldberg

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