Guess What? Solange Is Like Any Other Brooklyn Mom (With Minor Exceptions)

And that totally makes us love her even more. Look, we’ve been tight with Solange for a while here, and know that the only thing she cares about more than her creative pursuits is her son, Julez. But not until the cover story in the latest issue of The Fader did we realize that she lives a life like so many of our friends wrangling rugrats in the outer boroughs (you know, except for the amazing voice, burgeoning stardom, famous family, fashion sense, etc.)
In addition to offering us a look into the singer's exacting creative process, her dynamic with Beyoncé, and the revelation that Chairlift's Caroline Polachek might (just might) have contributed a track for Bey's next album, writer Amber Bravo takes us a little bit deeper into Solange's daily life as a mother. Bravo quotes the singer on her early move into parenthood as saying, "A lot of me wanting to get married so young and have a kid and move to Idaho and the country had to do with me, [from age] 13 to 17, being on the road and having to work so much." Truly, spending your teen years on a roller-coaster road trip with Destiny's Child would probably make us very eager to set down some roots as well.
Bravo then takes us to Casa Solange itself: "A top floor walk-through in the now gentrified Italian enclave of Carroll Gardens...tasteful, with modern, geometric throw rugs and mid-century side chairs." Suddenly, this all sounds very familiar, and quite unlike the normal tales of either marbled luxury or creative squalor we see from so many stars. Add to that the fact that Knowles moved to the neighborhood so that Julez would be within walking distance of his French-English school, and we're deep into Brooklyn mommy-blog territory.
It just goes deeper from there. Solange has problems finding a babysitter (we volunteer!); Solange stays up all night watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta (we volunteer for that, too); Solange likes to keep things "nine-to-five". Take away the collabs with Kendrick Lamar and Theophilius London, the new album, and the insane wardrobe — and Solange is pretty much a typical New York mom, holding down a career and a kid in one of the nicer neighborhoods of the 718. That said, we're still gunning for that babysitting gig. We won't even eat anything out of the fridge!
For the full piece in all it's Solanginity, click here. (The Fader)
Photo: Courtesy The Fader

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