HRH Will Not Be Impressed: Harry's Vegas Lady Friend Is Writing A Book

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So much for "what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas," eh? Just as we were forgetting about the reported, er, "interactions" between Prince Harry and party girl Carrie Reichert, the woman in question announced that she is penning a book about her Vegas night with the royal playboy.
Naturally, our first concern on learning of this was how on earth she would fill up a whole book with the events of single night out, unless she told it in the manner of 24. We needn't have worried. Apparently she has lots of other stories to tell, and they're not of the Enid Blyton variety. Carrie has partied with plenty of famous people — and they're all going in the book.
Writer's block — and an alcohol-induced haze — are clearly not a problem for Ms Reichert, who has written over 500 pages about her nights out, according to the Daily Mail .
"I am writing a book about what happened with Harry and other people, too. I want to put the record straight on the many things, which have been said about me in recent months. I think many people will be surprised at my life story," she told the newspaper.
And what of the other people involved in this tome? Tiger Woods, Jude Law, Robbie Williams, Charles Barkely and Michael Jordan are all reported to be getting a mention, as well as Sir Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson. And she says she will "not hold back" on details.
We can just imagine QE2 sputtering out her cornflakes when she read about this over breakfast. A release date for the book is yet to be announced, but we're bracing ourselves for inevitable furore when it is...
Photo: Via the Mail Online

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