Give Our Regards To Broadway: Fifty Shades The Musical Comes To NYC

No, you pervs, Broadway will not be hosting live S&M demonstrations. That went out with the Giuliani administration. No, we're talking about Fifty Shades The Musical coming to the Big Apple. Disappointingly Luckily, the stage version will not be a true-to-plot reenactment, but a full-on, singin-and-dancin parody.
The show, which was developed by the Chicago-based improv group Baby Wants Candy, just finished a successful (and, surprisingly, critically-acclaimed) run in the Windy City last month. Audiences will be treated to a live band and 11 original songs, with kitschy titles like "They Get Nasty" and "I Don't Make Love, I F***." While the play doesn't come with the racy rebellion of an NC-17 rating, we think it's rather refreshing to hear that someone will be having a little fun with the slightly ridiculous story of Anastasia and Christian. Performances start this weekend at the Gramercy Theatre, so round up your friends for a — ahem — titillating good time. (Entertainment Weekly)
Photo: Via Entertainment Weekly

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