Jennifer Lawrence's Coat Isn't Actually The Worst Thing In This Picture

Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful. She is one of the most alluring women in the world, chock-full of talent, and on a very short list of people we want to be our best friend. Also, she is always impeccably poised. So, we have exactly zero problems with this outfit, which kind of reminds us of our childhood mix-and-match animal magnet set (you know, where you can put a head of a tiger with the body of donkey).
These things happen. A sudden drop in the temperature, an accidental rip of the front half of your dress, or an onslaught of excess skunk skins laying around, and bam, this is your new outfit. No one is immune to such things, and you can witness the full amalgamation over at The Huffington Post.
What is troublesome, however, is the fact that Miss Lawrence is flanked by a crew of handlers, and they have let our beloved star teeter around Los Angeles with untied shoes. While this isn't the straightforward safety concern Alexa Chung faced while riding around helmet-less last year, it seems like a vast oversight. With her hurried pace and laces loose, things look a little haphazard. (Huffington Post)
Photo: Via of Huffington Post

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