Karl Lagerfeld Blows Up Our Spot, Admits Chanel Is Not A Necessity

Image courtesy of The Telegraph.
When Karl Lagerfeld insults you, he sure does cut deep (we love you, Pippa). And in his latest bout of ridiculous claims, Karl said something that's actually, eh hem, right on the money.
The Chanel designer told BBC Radio 4's Today show something that we perhaps have always known to be true, but just pretend that it's not. Karl says that luxury fashion designers "create a product nobody needs but people want." Is he telling us we don't need those Isabel Marant sneakers? Because there's a sinking in our stomachs that feels a lot like true love when we see them.
Admittedly, we've had some pretty strong feelings for fashion, and even more unfortunately, Karl's right. At the end of the day, we don't need designer clothes to live (even though we can think of a lookbook or two that made us feel otherwise).
Karl continued to explain: "You spend more for what you really want; some boring things you need; an ugly old car can wait, but if you have a new fashion item, it cannot wait. We live on this whole idea." Now, this isn't exactly news to any of us — the minds behind our favorite high-end labels aren't flipping over showroom tables, cursing Karl for leaking their secret. We've always known that spending our hard-earned money on luxe goodies can sometimes come at the expense of a more reasonable purchase. But now Karl's gone and made us feel all bad about it. Buzzkill. (Telegraph)

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