Watch This Heartbreaking Vid About The Rockaways — & See How To Help

When superstorm Sandy swept through the Tristate area, she seemed to spare no one. And, while the wake of the storm was felt all throughout our amazingly resilient city, several areas received the brunt of the devastation. The Rockaways, the Queens beachside 'hood most of us know best for surfing — and, yes, Rockaway Taco — was all but destroyed. Homes were leveled, the beach washed through the streets, and the once-famous boardwalk completely disappeared.
Well-known documentary filmmaker Alex Braverman traveled to the Rockaways after receiving a voicemail from a friend in the region that reminded him how truly lucky he was to come out of the tempest unscathed. He brought his camera along, documenting the destruction, the despair, and, at the end, the hope of a community that has banded together to survive the tragedy.
Watch the video below for a first-hand look at the ravaged area, and then, go to Occupy Sandy or Rockaway Help to learn how to donate (or volunteer) to help.
Photo/Video: Courtesy of Alex Braverman

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