Conan O'Brien Hilariously Spoofs Brad Pitt's Chanel Ad

Certainly Brad Pitt must have anticipated some criticism when he signed on to be the face of Chanel No. 5 — but for being the first man to represent the iconic scent and not for the rambling and whimsical performance news outlets have gleefully pointed out. Pitt's campaign video for the perfume was certainly mysterious and memorable, and Chanel's decision to have the actor sulkily philosophizing while looking rugged definitely caught our attention. But couldn't the Academy Award-nominated star and brilliant brand have found some text that didn't read like it was from our 10th grade poetry journal? (Seriously. Where did you guys find it?)
Apparently, they could not, says Conan O'Brien. O'Brien is often (adorably) flummoxed by fashion, but last night, the lanky host feared, "It wasn't Brad at his very best." After playing the commercial for his audience to see, Team Coco renamed the perfume "Brad Pitt's Nonsensical Ramblings by Chanel." Though we admire Pitt's decision to take on the tough campaign, the commercial felt more Se7en than No. 5.
Courtesy of TBS

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