ALL Of The Major Younger Moments So Far

"There is no perfect plan to getting your life right." This proclamation is what Younger is all about. It’s a sage piece of advice that Liza (Sutton Foster) gives Kelsey (Hilary Duff) in season 2, and a lesson she’s learning the hard way as a 40-year-old divorcée starting her life over.
Younger totally rejects the notion that women have to have it all figured out at any age, and that’s what makes the show so compelling to watch. Between its inspiring message and epic one-liners, the series strikes the rare balance between heartfelt and hilarious.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up the most unforgettable moments from the past seasons to refresh your memory before the new season premieres June 28. And if you haven’t seen any of it, you can follow along here as you binge-watch or pick up with the new season. Turns out, there is no perfect plan to watching a TV show, either.
(Warning: Spoilers for Younger ahead.)
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Liza Miller can't catch a break.

The series opens with 40-year-old Liza Miller interviewing for a publishing job. As she sits across from two twentysomething interviewers, Liza explains she was an editor before leaving to raise her daughter, Caitlin (Tessa Albertson). With Caitlin fully grown and Liza's marriage suddenly over, she's ready to jump back in.

The only problem? Her decade-plus work gap is a sum the millennials she needs to impress can't fathom.

Spoiler alert: She doesn't get the job.
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So she comes up with a game plan.

Fresh off a divorce and a move from New Jersey suburbia to Brooklyn's Williamsburg, Liza is at a bar with her old friend, new roomie, and lesbian sidekick, Maggie (Debbie Mazar), when she meets a hot, young tattoo artist named Josh (Nico Tortorella). He assumes Liza is about his age: 26. And she doesn't correct him.

That's when genius strikes: She can lie about her age to get a job. In her next interview, she tells the head of marketing at publishing giant Empirical — the temperamental and ostentatious Diana (Miriam Shor) — that she is 26.

Spoiler alert: She gets the job.
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Liza meets the man in charge.

The CEO of Empirical is Charles (Peter Hermann), who is — it's worth noting — extremely handsome. He's recently divorced, and Diana is visibly thrilled about it.

Unfortunately, Liza unintentionally garners Charles' attention with her wise-beyond-her-years taste in books, quirky commentary ("[Reading Tolstoy] is like Real Housewives of St. Petersburg with dense Russian prose."), and ability to charm his children during a one-off babysitting gig Diana volunteers her for.
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Liza confesses her age to Josh (while on ecstasy).

Liza's new work bestie, Kelsey (Hilary Duff), brings the crew along to her outlandish roommate Lauren's (Molly Bernard) "hot mitzvah" — a party she decides to throw exactly 13 years after her original bat mitzvah. It's here that Lauren slips ecstasy into Liza's drink along with those of Josh (now her boyfriend), Kelsey, and a few of Kelsey's friends — because cheers!

On ecstasy, Josh confesses to Liza that he's in love with her. Liza decides to confess something to him, too: She's a 40-year-old divorcée and mother.

Josh proclaims he never wants to see her again. But after letting him cool off for a few days, a heartbroken Liza ultimately convinces him that she's still the same person he fell in love with (just, you know, aged 14 years).

She tells him, however, that he can't tell anyone her secret for fear of losing her job.
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Caitlin comes back and can’t believe her mom’s hot, young boyfriend.

Season 2 opens with Liza's daughter returning from India to move in with Liza and Maggie in Williamsburg.

Liza tries to keep the whole pretending-to-be-a-26-year-old thing a secret, but when Caitlin walks into Josh's tattoo parlor to get inked, things get, well, complicated — complicated enough for Liza and Josh to end up kissing and for Caitlin to see it.
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Josh is done with keeping Liza's secret.

With Josh and Liza back together — and their age difference deemed irrelevant by Josh, although he still likes to say things like, "When I was born, you were in middle school!" — everything is going well. That is until Josh is asked to be in a New York Times story on young creatives.

Liza insists he not mention her, lest her age be outed by the NYT's meticulous fact-checkers. It's all too much for Josh, who doesn't want to have to hide entire aspects of his life, and he breaks up with her.

And in true 26-year-old fashion, Liza gets wine-drunk and sleeps with her ex.
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Liza and Kelsey launch their new imprint, Millennial.

After Kelsey's poached by a rival publisher, Charles woos her back with an offer she can't refuse: an imprint she can run with Liza called Millennials. Its books would be for millennials, by millennials — or in Liza's case ~millennials~.

The new career opportunity is just one more reason for Liza to continue keeping her secret from her boss and work wife.
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Bad Thad tries to blackmail Liza.

What might be the most shocking twist of events in Younger's second season begins and ends (literally) with Kelsey's fiancé, Thad.

When Liza finds out some unsavory things about him and threatens to tell Kelsey, Thad digs up whatever dirt he can on Liza in order to blackmail her. He strikes gold when he finds out she graduated from Dartmouth some 20 years ago. But Thad will never have the chance to tell Kelsey, because a piece of scaffolding conveniently falls and crushes him to death as Liza looks on in horror.
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After a fight with Kelsey, Liza quits Empirical.

Following Thad's emotionless funeral — Kelsey couldn't get herself to cry once — Liza tells Kelsey the truth: Thad wasn't the guy she thought he was. Startlingly, Kelsey's reaction isn't one Liza expected. She criticizes her for being the "morality police," prompting a teary-eyed Liza to quit her job.
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Liza's torn between two men.

Disheartened by the news that Liza's quit, Charles tracks her down on the sales floor at her new retail gig in New Jersey, passionately kisses her for the first time, and convinces her to return to Empirical.

Following the surprise kiss and her return to her old job, Liza's #shook and has a lot on her mind. So she makes it clear to Josh — whom she reunited with at Thad's funeral — that she wants to take things slow.

Charles ultimately asks Liza to drinks to discuss what went down between them, but a surprise run-in with a couple who could expose Liza's secret causes her to bolt.

Her boss subsequently begins to act colder toward her at work, and she and Josh get back together. Again.
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A reporter threatens blackmail at the book fair.

Liza and Kelsey travel to the Hamptons for a book fair, and a young reporter Liza met through work begins telling her about her manuscript. It's a self-help book, written from the POV of her goldendoodle, which — okay, sure.

But she has an agenda: She's done some digging into Liza's past and knows her secret. If Empirical doesn't sign her book, she'll divulge everything. Liza, still trying to keep up the charade, offers her a book deal against Kelsey's wishes.
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Liza gets dumped following a fling with Charles.

Still in the Hamptons, Liza and Charles have a night out together where they dance, bond over '80s music, and ultimately end up at the doorstep of Liza's hotel room. They kiss — like, really kiss — until Liza finally pulls away, telling him she needs to figure things out with Josh first. Charles agrees that that's a good idea.

Unbeknownst to Liza, Josh had spelled out "Marry Me" on her hotel bed — and had witnessed the kiss firsthand while waiting to surprise-propose to her when she returned to her room. Devastated, he flees before Liza spots him and ignores her attempts to contact him.

When they finally do meet up, Josh calls her out for what he thinks she truly is — a liar, a cheater, and a person who doesn't fully realize the consequences of her actions.
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Liza finally tells Kelsey the truth.

Following the confrontation with Josh, a tearful Liza heads home, where she finds Kelsey, desperately needing a place to stay after being kicked out by both Lauren and her new boyfriend.

Liza, realizing she needs to stop lying to the people she loves the most, sits Kelsey down to finally tell her the truth. All of it.

How will Kelsey react? What's next for Liza? Tune in to the new season premiere June 28 at 10/9c on TV Land.

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