Here's What Happens When You Get The Dreaded Pizza Burn

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Eating pizza is a sacred thing, yet it comes with great risk — getting your tongue burnt. Now, this new DNews video is here to help explain how something so pure and beautiful could become so cruel.

As the video says, the skin equivalent of that pizza burn is a mild red mark on your hand (like you'd get after accidentally touching a hot pan). But, on the tongue it seems to hurt infinitely more, and then you're stuck with that weird numbness. That's because the top layer of your taste buds has basically been burned off. Whoops.

No worries, though, because they are constantly being regenerated anyways. So, your sense of taste should be back in a few days — just in time for your next pizza-based meal, which is somehow never as soon as we want it to be. 

There is something particularly nasty about hot cheese, though. As some hero scientists have discovered, mozzarella's heat capacity is pretty darn high. Its cells can actually get — and stay — super hot without actually catching on fire. Your tongue, on the other hand, well...ouch.

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