12 Dishes That Every London Foodie Should Try

You've heard all the jokes about British cuisine. You know, about the bland, doughy, deep-fried fare that gets served up at pubs and the like. You'd fire back, but, frankly, you're too busy feasting your way through London to bother. The city that was once a punchline for food snobs is now a gastronomic capital — and it's about time to celebrate it. 

Behold, the ultimate London foodie bucket list. Herein lies a selection of dishes so delicious and iconic that any Londoner with functioning tastebuds and a digestive system should try them at least once before making the acquaintance of that maître d' in the sky, St. Peter.

A couple of notes. The list is by no means exhaustive — you'll no doubt have your own meals to add. It's also subjective. Maybe not everyone will agree that X curry is superior to Y curry, and that's okay. Actually, it's not just okay — it's wonderful. When your biggest problem is arguing over which culinary find is the most divine, you're doing alright. 

Sneer all you want, snobs. We Londoners know we're spoiled for choice. Now, pass us a fork. We've got some eating to do.

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