You Won't Believe What These People Found In Their Food

We've all been there. You eat more than half of your salad only to find some kind of creepy crawly critter hiding at the bottom of the bowl. Or you bite down hard on some sort on a unidentifiable object that is certainly not supposed to be in your ice cream.

Whatever the situation, it's always extremely unnerving to discover something in your food that doesn't belong. We asked R29 staffers to share their most memorable unsolicited food finds. Ahead, find their hilarious, disturbing, and gross stories about the weirdest things they've ever found in their food.
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"My neighborhood Mexican restaurant isn't that great, but I keep going back because it's convenient and good enough (or so I thought). My boyfriend and I were sitting at the bar and I ordered my usual margarita. I took a sip, then noticed something unusual — brown — next to one of the limes floating at the top of my salt-rimmed beverage.

"At first, I thought it was just a brown spot on the lime, but then I realized, nope, that's a small, baby roach in my drink. I'm guessing it must have been living in the sliced lime container. The bartender quickly and apologetically dumped my drink and gave me a new one after I pointed it out, but my thirst was pretty much quenched at that point."
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"I ordered a soda. As the waiter was setting down my glass of ice, it clinked the other glass he was holding in his hand. This chipped the rim. What I didn't notice until there were shards of glass in my mouth was that the chips had landed inside the glass! I told waiter and they were super apologetic. They comped me my drink and dessert!"
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"A former colleague opened the salad she bought for lunch — only to find there was a moth inside."
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"So I got some fancy local salsa (a.k.a. the kind with the pretty packaging that costs three times more than Tostitos) and I poured it into a bowl and had scooped my way through most of it — when all of a sudden, I scooped up a Magic Hat beer bottle cap. Someone at the artisanal Brooklyn salsa factory was clearly having a wild time."
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"I found a piece of cardboard with a staple in a salad once at a trendy restaurant in Chelsea."
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"I one time had an ice cream cone from a popular ice cream chain. It was chocolate chip cookie dough and it was delicious. I bit into it and there was a hair...I was but a young naive kid so picked it out and kept eating. Next bite...another hair. I pulled it out and investigated. As I bit into it again...there was a ball of hair in the center of the cone. Needless to say, I'm still scarred for life."
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"I was at a dosa place and there was a bolt in my ildi."

(Editor's note: Ildi is a savory cake made with batter and is popular in India.)
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"In elementary school, I picked up a fruit and Jell-O cup from the cafeteria and halfway through, discovered that one of the grapes was plastic! It was a hollow purple sphere, the type of 'grape' that you might find in a craft store. I really have no idea how it ended up in my school cafeteria."
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"I was at a fancy restaurant in L.A. to celebrate my mom's birthday and was eating a trendy summer salad when I felt something in my mouth that didn't belong. Luckily, I didn't bite down hard or swallow because I had a large, extremely sharp piece of metal in my mouth that the restaurant manager later told me had fallen off the kitchen's colander and into my food.

"The restaurant was actually really cool about it and after apologizing profusely, comped our meal. I was so happy with how they handled it that my family has returned several times since. (Plus, the food really is good.) Although, if I had swallowed it without noticing, I think everything would have played out much differently. Now I'm paying much more attention to my food as I'm eating it!"
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"I found piece of metal in my bagel at well-known, beloved New York bagel spot — which sucked, because I loved that place."
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"I waited on a super long line at the Soho location of a burrito chain a couple of years ago. I opened my burrito bowl and found out there was a leaf on the side of the rice. Like a tree leaf. Should have snapped a picture."
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"I ordered carrot soup for pick-up for lunch. I went to get the soup, got home, and started digging in. I immediately noticed an issue with the consistency. I spit something out and it was a small (1/4 inch) metal shaving (kind of like a metal curl). There were three or four shavings in my soup. I actually called up the deli where I got the soup and they didn't really care or understand what I was telling them!"
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"My boyfriend was exploring with some family friends in Toronto, and they decided to stop in at a popular sandwich chain for lunch, where he ordered a chicken sandwich. A few bites in, he noticed something hard in his mouth...only to spit it out and realize it was a broken, jagged shard of a knife! When they brought it up with the employees, they said, 'We'll tell our manager.' I don't even think they offered a refund."
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"I went to get a salad on a lunch break, which was somewhat of a rarity since I feel like most places just turn your food into mulch. But I went for it and loaded up since it was going to cost me about $13 anyway. My first bite was mediocre. Already dissatisfied, I went for a second bite into what felt like my tooth.

"I paused and wiggled at what at this point I thought could only be my tooth while still simultaneously chewing on salad greens. It was not my tooth. It was the metal tip of a red pen. THE TIP OF A RED PEN. I know they use pens to mark off what ingredients are going into each customer's salad, but how did this happen?! So specific! I was so shocked I couldn't even call them or bring myself to walk back over there. The last thing I wanted was a potential complimentary salad."
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"I once found a dollar-bill-sized piece of plastic bag in a dish of Thai green curry."

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