8 Trendy Waters We Had No Idea Existed

Photo: Courtesy of Sibberi.
We thought nothing could overtake coconut water when it took the drink scene by storm. Not only did the popular beverage pop up in every bodega and supermarket chain around, multiple flavors and competing brands surfaced, as well. It was complete drink domination.

But as it turns out, we really hadn't seen it all — there are at least seven other trendy waters out there just waiting to be sipped for optimal refreshment. Who knew H2O could be taken to such great heights? From birch to cactus and even charcoal, we've rounded 'em all up, right here.
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Photo: Courtesy of DRINKmaple.
Maple Water
If you are a fan of pancakes or waffles, brace yourselves for the water of your dreams. DRINKmaple taps right into spring-awakened Vermont maple trees (no trees are harmed in the making!) for this beverage.

Where to buy it:
DRINKmaple ($19.99 for a 6-pack)
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Photo: Courtesy of Sibberi.
Birch Water
We never thought we'd see the day when tree water would became a thing, but here we are. U.K. brand Sibberi has created birch water — and people are into it! Similar to maple water, birch water is tapped from birch-tree sap and can also be purchased in a bamboo variety (for all you panda lovers out there).

Where to buy it:
Sibberi ($15.32 for a 6-pack)
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Photo: Courtesy of Aloe Gloe.
Aloe Water
The aloe plant is super-soothing, so we can only imagine how this beverage must taste — surprise, it tastes a little like apple juice. Aloe Gloe is a California-made, surfer-approved water that promises all the benefits of its plant parent with a sweet taste.

Where to buy it:
Amazon ($33.25 for a 12-pack)
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Photo: Courtesy of Invo Coconut Water.
Coconut Water
The OG water alternative that tropical-drink fanatics have come to know and love. Invo cold-crafts its bottles directly from Thai coconuts for peak freshness and then safely ships it to your nearest grocery store's shelves.

Where to buy it:
Invo Coconut Water ($3.49 per bottle)
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Photo: Courtesy of We Grow Water.
Watermelon Water
Watermelon hacks are all the rage right now — and this delicious drink just might be the best hack of all. Not to mention this water alternative is Queen Bey approved. WTRMLN WTR harvests only the ripest melons for its fresh and sweet cold-pressed beverage.

Where to buy it:
WTRMLN WTR ($19.99 for a 6-pack)
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Photo: Courtesy of Caliwater.
Cactus Water
Caliwater has dubbed this product "the cool kid on the beverage aisle" and also states that the flavor is "life-changing, refreshing, and undeniably attractive." Who knew such a prickly plant could produce such trendy water?

Where to buy it:
Caliwater ($29.99 for a 12-pack)
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Photo: Courtesy of Dirty Lemon Beverages.
Charcoal Water
Drinking black water may be a bit disorienting to some — but don't be fooled by the color or name. Dirty Lemon defies these odds with a fresh, bright flavor. Not to mention, the charcoal is tapped from coconut shells.

Where to buy it:
Dirty Lemon Beverages ($65 per 6-bottle case)
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Photo: Courtesy of Sugarcane Island.
Sugarcane Water
Sugar devotees, rejoice. There is such a thing as bottled sugar water and you can buy and drink it any time you like. Although Sugarcane Island markets its product as juice, it's technically a "water" that has been cold-pressed from sugarcane stalks.

Where to buy it:
Sugarcane Island ($48 for a 12-pack)
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