30 Gifts That Your Live-In Partner Needs & You Kind Of Want

A few years ago, my partner introduced me to a concept he calls "a baseball bat gift." It's a gift that you get for someone with the purpose of then using it yourself. For example, if you're someone who likes to play baseball, you'd get someone a baseball bat as a gift so you can both play together. I don't know if it's actually a thing, but it is certainly a brilliant way to spin something you want into a thoughtful "gift" for someone else. And honestly, isn't that what the holidays are all about?
If you live with your partner, chances are you have a mental list of all the stuff in your apartment or home that you both need to get, but never have an occasion to buy. Romantic gifts are fine and all, but useful gifts show that you really know what your loving roommate needs.
Given that, ahead we found the best practical gifts to get your live-in partner that you can totally use, too. There's not a baseball bat in the mix, but these gifts will be a win for your whole "team."
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This bamboo bathtub caddy can prop up an iPad, securely hold a glass of wine, and is adjustable so it will fit your tiny apartment tub.
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— PAID —

The perfect gift for your S.O.? One you'll love to use, too. With a top-of-the-line camera featuring dual-facing portrait mode, unlimited storage, and unbeatable battery life, the Pixel 2 is a no-brainer. Not to mention, you'll be one step closer to turning bae into your personal photographer. (We won't tell if you don't.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Barbie and Ken.
Kitschy print of Barbie and Ken on the beach adds a quirky touch to your boring bedroom art.
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Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie.
An elegant trinket box for stealthily stashing their sex toys on the bedside table.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stumptown.
For the coffee fiend who keeps blowing $5 a day on a cup, this ceramic pour-over is easy to use and is designed to rest on top of a mug.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bose.
They can listen to their podcasts in peace while you catch up on Real Housewives (or vice versa) with these wireless, noise-canceling headphones.
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Photo: Courtesy of PBTeen.
This pillow is a tasteful nod to your partner's Harry Potter obsession, and will actually fit in with the rest of your home's decor.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom.
Festive holiday socks don't have to be lame; these are made from cashmere.
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Photo: Courtesy of People I've Loved.
Anytime the moon is doing a thing, your partner has to tell you all about what it means for your relationship. They'll love these moon-themed coasters for their next full moon gathering.
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Photo: Courtesy of Coyuchi.
A waffle-weave robe that is made for Sunday night face masks and chill.
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Sweatpants, but make them cashmere and fashion.
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Photo: Courtesy of Field Company.
If your partner geeks out over kitchen gadgets, they'll be into this cast iron skillet. It's 25-50% lighter than most cast iron products and is smoother, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Harry's.
Pod Save America stans will recognize Harry's razors from their advertisements. This set includes two blade replacements and your choice of a foaming gel or cream.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hedley & Bennett.
A gorgeous Japanese denim apron may inspire bae to start baking for you.
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Photo: Courtesy of Juniper Ridge.
These mini smudge sticks subtly say, "Let's sage the house before your obnoxious family comes over."
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Photo: Courtesy of Keep Cup.
A reusable coffee cup, so they stop leaving used paper coffee cups all over the apartment.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pax.
This rose gold, Bluetooth-connected vape is a big upgrade from their bong from college, and won’t stink up the rest of your apartment.
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Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Encourage good plant parenting with this macrame plant hanger. It fits a variety of pots and will definitely look great on Instagram.
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Photo: Courtesy of Anomie.
Give their jewelry a proper spot on your dresser with this handmade ring dish.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
Replace your nasty plastic cutting board with this wooden one from Chip and Joanna Gaines's Target line.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fred and Friends.
A manatee-shaped tea infuser that hooks onto the edge of a mug. It's adorable, just like your partner.
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Photo: Courtesy of W Hotels.
These are the same pillows that they use in W Hotels, so you'll feel like you're sleeping somewhere special tonight.
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Photo: Courtesy of Parachute Home.
You get a cashmere throw, a candle, and a set of matches in this set. (A partner to snuggle with not included).
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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
If you need a last-minute gift, this year-long PlayStation Plus subscription will do the trick and make a certain gamer in your life very happy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fishs Eddy.
You can always use more dishtowels in your kitchen arsenal. These have illustrated cats on them that are almost as cute as your feline friend — almost.
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This inexpensive wallet is bright enough that your partner (hopefully) won't lose it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ugg.
A pair of Ugg slippers they’re going to want to wear all weekend long.
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Hilarious meme-matching game will make you actually want to host dinner parties at your place.
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If your partner is always the one making the Friday night wine run, give them a gift card to Winc so they can order curated wines based on their tastes — and spend more time on the couch with you.
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Photo: Courtesy of Land of Nod.
Storage isn't necessarily the sexiest gift item, but these rope storage baskets will get all your shit together in your bedroom. So you can do other stuff in there.
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Photo: Courtesy of Crate and Barrel.
Champagne flutes are fun, but champagne coups are cooler. Buy two and a nice bottle of champs and you're set.
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