12 Times Companies Designed Food For Millennials That We Actually Love

Millennials: are we lazy and entitled? Are we forever screwed because of a bad economy? Will we ever get off our parents cell phone bills? And what do we like to eat? These are the questions that plague the "real adults" (a.k.a. our parent's generation). A lot of money and time is spent trying to find the answers to those questions. And while some may be forever unknowable, we can answer one of those questions.

Refinery29's food team is full of certified millennials sampling just about every edible item that comes across our desk. And while plenty of them attempt to hit the twenty-something's desire for easy, 'grammable, and artisanal, (and we're not naming names), those attempts fall flat. But sometimes, we discover a thing we never knew we needed until we taste it.

Ahead, 12 products that will be on every millennial's grocery list soon.

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