This Is Our Jam: The Patience, "Solar Fields"

In a review of Swedish band Korallreven I wondered if the Balearic-leaning sounds of Swedish pop were created as a defense against the cold. Now, Novosibirsk, Russia's The Patience provide yet another example of global warming. With "Solar Fields," The Patience combine ‘80s dream pop and shoegaze with the tropical sounds of contemporary Sweden in a surprisingly evocative mixture. The song is something of a bait-and-switch, beginning with sleepy guitars and ethereal vocals before a woodblock rhythm takes hold at about the two-minute mark. The Patience could have maintained their somnolent vibe throughout and “Solar Fields” would still have succeeded as a beautiful record to fall asleep to, yet when they show their true colors the track sizzles with a welcome wave of heat. It's one of the most immediately pretty songs I've heard this year, and has me wondering: If Novosibirsk can produce a band like The Patience, what must the Balearic scene in Antarctica look like? (International Tapes)
The Patience—Sun is Always Pt. II
"Solar Fields"
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