The Most Sadistic Bras Out There (NSFW)

While we're all about beautiful underthings, the most important factor we look for is a bra that's comfortable. Anything that pinches, pulls, or pokes, and they get buried at the bottom of our underwear drawers. However, even those can't compare with the bras we found that act as de facto vises, torture devices, and just plain ouchie-hurty deliverers. From bras that turn your boobs into torpedoes of pain to others that make steel plates look like cashmere, here are the 15 most painful bras out there.
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This Etsy shopowner makes a line of metal "bras" for special occassions like "Burning Man" and "Hate Your Boobs Day."

Wire Spiral Bra, $55, available at brooksbot75 Etsy store.
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We don't know what would hurt more, the itchy, raffia brassiere, or the $1K price-tag.

Blouson Noir Raffia Bra Top, $1,060, available at Brown Fashion.
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It's a well-known fact that the most uncomfortable part of a bra is its underwire. So what happens when the underwire is basically the entire bra? :( faces, that's what.

Agent Provocateur Marylin Bra, $150.00, available at Agent Provocateur.
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Well, that's one way to keep your top up.

Dagger Bustier, image via eBaums's World.
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This is all hot and sexy, until things start getting actually hot and sexy and you're left with foggy bra cups.

Transparent Bra, approximately $77, available at Liq-Laq.
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This "Faveo Freedom Bra" has the ability to turn both your breasts into torpedoes of pain. If this is what freedom is, give us back our shackles, please. We bet they're more comfortable.

Faveo Freedom Bra, $50, available in Faveo.
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Nice guppies.

Goldfish Bra, image via Hubpages.
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We're 99% sure a 14-year-old boy designed this cold pack bra with cut-out holes for your nipples.

Cold Compress Bra, image via
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This bra isn't actually (hopefully) meant for wearing, but just the sight of it should be enough to cause you great, irreversible pain.

Barbed Wire Bra, image via
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What seems like a good idea the day before Halloween easily results in an itchy, embarrassing debacle the day of.

Coconut Bra, $9.99, available at iki Scott.
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If you're going to try and lure a woman into wearing a bra made out of Coke cans, at least make it out of Diet Coke cans?

Coke Can Bra, image via Treehugger.
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An oldie, but a goody. Nothing like a good, cold frisk by a pair of amputated hands!

Hand Bra, image via The Frisky.
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Ye Olde Chastity Bra.

Steampunk Bra, image via eBaums's World.
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Machine Gun Bra, Image via Huffington Post.

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