Who Knew Workwear Could Be So Cool?

We’ll always have a bone to pick with Mother Nature. Our weather gripes are like striped shirts — we can never have too many. One of them? Summertime work dressing. Whipping up an HR-approved outfit that keeps you comfortable despite the heat outside and the air-conditioner chill inside can be pretty darn difficult. But, it's not impossible.
To help you out, we're prepping your wardrobe with tons of clever styling tricks and cool workwear to get you through. Combat the unbearable humidity, your office's brr-worthy AC, those hotter-than-hot temps, and everything in between with 14 no-sweat 9-to-5 looks guaranteed to keep you cool. As for those summer-dressing woes? Consider them officially kaput.
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Lightweight fabrics look luxurious (and office-appropriate), and they won't weigh you down on the walk to work. We're also handing out metaphorical bonus points for cool patterns.
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Not only is the sleeveless jumpsuit an easy outfit to simply throw on and go, but styles with wide legs will help your lower half breathe throughout the day. Have a meeting? Pair this piece with a linen blazer and you're all set. Oh, and don't forget to Instagram your #ootd.
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For situations that require the whole matching-blazer-and-pant setup, opt for a relaxed-fit top and cropped bottom. Then, add cooler elements like flatform sandals and a breezy camisole to balance everything out.
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In case you didn't know, gingham is a big deal this season. Wear this long-sleeved blouse whenever the AC is blasting, and simply roll up your sleeves if you start feeling clammy.
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Here's how you can have your cake and eat it, too: Layer a structured blazer over one of your many breezy sundresses for a truly effortless approach to 9-to-5. Just think of how many looks you'll be able to add to your workwear arsenal.
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The vest is another no-brainer way to transform your existing office attire. Layer this one over a short-sleeve blouse or sleeveless shirt, team with a full skirt and heels (we're not sure how much HR will go for those shredded cutoffs...), and you've got one heck of an outfit — no sweat.
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The fancy shorts are an important part of our ideal summer Friday outfit.
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The matching set need not apply exclusively to suiting in an office setting. Boxy crop tops and high-waisted skirts (that don't expose your midriff) are a choice swap for that printed, wrap dress.
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Are they bermuda shorts or are they pants? The simple answer: neither. The culotte has taken on a life of its own this summer. Expect to see more than a few workers adopting the cropped style as temperatures sky-rocket come July and August.
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Flared pants are the style of the moment. Trade in straight legs and thick fabrics for a billowy bottom — your legs will sincerely thank you.
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If you're one of those people who loathes sleeves in the warm weather, try a cape sleeve. It feels just as airy as a tank but looks much dressier.
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When in doubt, a simple, cropped pant will never fail you. And, you'll be able to easily transition your look from day to night by swapping out your accessories.
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Take a low-key approach to pencil skirts. Comfy, double-strap sandals and a short-sleeve, white button-up reign supreme here.
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For those of us who are able to show off a little leg (thanks, HR), the short suit is your pick. If you're nervous about the length, think back to high school: As long as your fingertips don't extend past the hem you should be in the clear.

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