The Cheap Trick That Will Make Your Home Feel Super Cozy

Photo: Via Apartment Therapy.
String lights often get a bad rap, but they can be used for plenty more than just Christmas trees and dorm rooms. They're a cheap and cheerful way to style out any light-deprived corner — and they make for some pretty great Insta-moments to boot. Click through to see for yourself how you can put string lights to use this season and beyond.
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Photo: Via @thedesignchaser.
Even unlit, these babies prove neutral has serious staying power. Woven around ladder legs or draped elegantly from shelving, string lights are a great way to meld form and function when space is at a premium.
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Photo: Via Apartment Therapy.
Climb string lights along a ladder for decorative accent lighting that's versatile and unexpected. Propped up in a corner, this rustic addition takes on a whole new look when lit up.
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Photo: Via @UrbanOutfitters.
Who needs a lamp when you have a string? These are the perfect solution for bedrooms or living areas that call for low lighting. Switch them on in the evening to prevent stubbed toes on the way to the bathroom.
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Photo: Via @monsterscircus.
These work wonders when wrapped around exposed piping. Mix up bulb styles and materials to get a refreshingly industrial look that feels intentionally minimalistic, not sloppy.
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Photo: Via @vidabarceloni.
No ladder? No problem. Cute wall pegs will do the trick just fine. Remember that you can hide plugs by painting them the same color as your wall.
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