Get Your Gatsby On In These NYC Speakeasies

Photo: Getty Images.
Besides women gaining the right to vote, Amelia Earhart flying across the Atlantic, and of course Mickey Mouse, what else comes to mind when thinking of those exuberant '20s? Though Gatsby may be your next guess, how about what really made them roar: prohibition. An era when alcohol was banned, and illegal spirits outlets rose to the top of the party scene. Covert nightclubs, known as speakeasies, really put the bees back in the knees of the Jazz Age.
Even though it's been about a century since prohibition, there are still some spots in NYC that aren't letting that swanky and secretive era go. So, are you interested in knowing which unmarked doors to knock on or which back alleys to go down? Keep reading for the top speakeasies in the toddling town of NYC.

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