These Slow Cooker Breakfasts Will Keep You Warm & Cozy Until Spring

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If you're hanging up your beach towels and drinking a last glass of summery rosé with a tear in your eye, there's a flip side (besides just pumpkin spice everything). It's also the return of the time of year when we can stop thinking of no-cook cooking and start returning to comfort foods that warm our bodies and hearts.
That means we also are starting to dust off our slow cookers again. And while we know the idea of having dinner waiting in a slow cooker is nothing new, if you're not using it for every meal of the day, you're only getting half of the gadget's benefits. In other words: breakfast from a slow cooker is totally a thing, and an easy way to be a lazy cook who still wants a warm, homemade breakfast.
Ahead, eight recipes that will take you from breakfast-on-the-go to brunch for a crowd, all fall and winter long.
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Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon French Toast Casserole
Perfect with a cup of coffee on a cold Saturday.
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Slow Cooker Sausage And Green Chile Breakfast Casserole
While not technically overnight-cooking friendly, you can prepare the ingredients the night before and assemble in a flash.
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Slow Cooker Salted Caramel Almond Granola
Not all slow cooker breakfasts need to be eaten immediately. Make this while you're at work, let it cool and store in an airtight container and you have a homemade breakfast ready for the morning, clean-up already taken care of.
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Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole
A classic breakfast casserole recipe, filled with eggs, potatoes, and lots of cheesy goodness.
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Slow Cooker Blueberry Bread Pudding
Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? Does it even matter?
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Banana Bread Overnight Steel Cut Oats
Heartier and generally tastier than instant oats, steel-cut oats have one downside: they need to cook for 30 minutes. Toss them in a slow cooker, however, and the standing-at-the-stove time vanishes.
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Slow Cooker Quiche
Nothing wrong with wanting a little crust with your egg dish, too.
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Breakfast Quinoa In A Slow Cooker
A different spin on both a popular grain and a beloved breakfast dish.