Meet Shrampton: The Cutest Cat On The Internet

Shrampton's storied journey began when he was born in Los Angeles on February 7, 2011. Only months after, he was the first Scottish Fold to graduate from Oxford with a triple major (electrical engineering, Japanese, interpretative dance). By his first birthday, he was bidding his twin sister Bunni adieu as he started his circumnavigation of the world by bicycle.
His trip was cut short in Montserrat when a British Blue Hair named Alice stole his wallet (and heart). While she fell in love with the butterscotch stallion, she ultimately left him for an older, richer fat cat. Heartbroken, Shrampton flopped down back in Los Angeles where he has been collaborating with Tom Ford on a line for cats and refining his palate for scotch ever since. His signature flop was born from heartache but inspires happiness in all who see it. He is content, but will he ever find love again?

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