The Sex Toys You Didn't Know You Needed

We're great fans of accessorizing in the bedroom. Au naturel stimulation is wonderful, but sex toys can do things that people just can't. The sex toy industry is now attracting an impressive $15 billion a year in global sales, and with a plethora of clever products at a range of prices on the market, we're spoiled for choice. This also means that smart shopping can be tricky.
To help you cut through the noise, we're curating a roundup of some of our favorite picks. We've got you covered with everything from silky lube that will take both your partnered and solo play to the next level to a bullet that packs a surprising punch. Click through to browse some seriously sexy finds, and check back as we continue to add more. You might discover something you never knew you needed. Happy shopping!
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This pulsating clit stimulator will be the cutest thing in your nightstand.

Tokidoki 10 Function Silicone Clitoral Vibrator Honey Bunny, $40, available at Trystology
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Game of Thrones might not return until 2019, but this Jon Snow-themed dildo is sure to keep you occupied until then.

Geeky Sex Toys Game of Moans – Long Shaft, $110, available at Geeky Sex Toys.
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This silky-smooth G-spot vibrator comes with two motors (one in the middle and one at the end of the toy), so you can customize the sensations to your liking.

Tickler Smooth Operator Choosy, $98, available at Trystology.
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This app-enabled pebble vibe is the definition of discreet and about as packable as they come.

We-Vibe Wish, $130, available at Trystology.
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With a first bead that's smaller than a fingertip, this butt plug is the warmup toy you've been looking for.

Tantus Ripple, $36.95, available at The Pleasure Chest.
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This vibrating penis ring is a great toy for couples.

Big O Multi-Stage Penis Ring, $19.95, available at Adam & Eve.
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This high-tech clit-stimulator delivers pin-pointed waves of pleasure via 11 different programs.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Pressure Wave Stimulator, $85, available at Trystology.
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These suction cups just might be the most wallet-friendly way to explore nipple play.

The Pleasure Chest Rubber Suction Cups, $6.50, available at The Pleasure Chest.
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This toy is perfect if you're still relatively new to using a rabbit-style vibe (and would rather use one that doesn't even remotely resemble a bunny).

Vibratex Dahlia, $105.95, available at The Pleasure Chest.
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This wearable ring is sure to take your couple's play up a notch — or three.

Svakom Tyler, $80, available at Trystology.
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With over 100 spikes across five separate wheels, this stimulator can go from gentle to intense with a single stroke.

Mystim Extra Spiny Spencer Pinwheel, $116, available at Trystology.
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This waterproof vibrator comes with seven different settings and is fully rechargeable.

Perlesque Eris Rabbit Vibrator, $56.27, available at Perlesque.
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This dual-ended dildo's unique shape makes it a great choice for mutual penetration.

Fun Factory Wave, $89.95, available at The Pleasure Chest.
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This travel-friendly bullet is surprisingly intense — and it comes with a bluetooth-enabled remote.

Jimmyjane Form 1, $159, available at The Pleasure Chest.
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This super-chic vibrator comes with three different vibration settings and fits onto your fingers like a ring.

Dame Products Fin Vibrator, $74.95, available at Dame Products.
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Photo: Courtesy of Extreme Restraints.
These magnetic orbs give a bit of a pinch wherever you want them.

Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs, $10, available at Extreme Restraints.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tryst.
This vibrator is super adjustable and works for external and internal stimulation.

Tryst Multi-Erogenous Zone Vibrator, $60, available at Amazon.
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Photo: Courtesy of Aslan Leather.
A belt that steps up your outfit and doubles as bondage.

Aslan Leather Bondage Belt, $57.50, available at Aslan Leather.
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A Goop-approved sex toy, just for you.

Chakrubs Rose Bud, $65, available at Chakrubs.
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If you've ever been curious about those pelvic floor exercises you keep hearing about, consider this your starter kit.

Pelvix Concept Pelvic Floor Exerciser, $30, available at Stress No More.
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Photo: Courtesy of B-Vibe.
The B-Vibe butt plug comes with rotating beads in the stem for a little extra stimulation. Are you a beginner? Read our guide to butt plugs here.

B Vibe Rimming Plug, $150, available at B Vibe.
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Photo: Courtesy of Liberator.
This super absorbent blanket makes sure you never sleep in a cold, wet spot again.

Liberator Fascinator Throw, $108, available at Liberator.
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Photo: Courtesy of Liberator.
This wedge lets you get creative with your sex positions.

Liberator Liberator Ramp, $170, available at Good Vibrations.
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If you love coconut oil on everything, this flavored lube is perfect for you.

Coconu Oil-Based Lubricant, $25, available at Tool Shed Toys
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Photo: Courtesy of Crystal Delights.
This handmade glass plug even comes with a five-color pastel tail.

Crystal Delights Rainbow Pony Tail, $124.95, available at Crystal Delights.
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Photo: Courtesy of Babeland.
Feel free to take this vibrator to the bath with you — it's waterproof.

Babeland Water Shimmer, $22, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy of Minna.
It may look like your average vibrator, but the best thing about the Minna is that it has a "memory" mode that will restore all the vibration settings from your previous session.

Minna Ola, $149, available at Babeland.
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This butt plug combines a soft silicone surface with a firm core to make insertion a whole lot easier.

Lelo Bob Silicone Butt Plug, $59, available at Spectrum Boutique.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fiera.
This one isn't a vibrator, but it'll put you on the path to getting off. It's a "personal care device" that works to suction and draw blood to your clit to increase arousal before sex. In other words, it'll get you in the mood and jump-start your sex drive.

Fiera Arouser For Her, $250, available at Fiera.
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Photo: Courtesy of Emojibator.
By now, you're probably familiar with the NSFW implications of the eggplant emoji. Now, you can also have an eggplant emoji vibrator, with 10 different settings. Bonus: It's also 100% waterproof.

Emojibator, $32, available at Emojibator.
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Photo: Courtesy of OhMiBod.
This one is a vibrator that you and your partner can share — and with seven different vibration settings, neither of you will be left wanting.

OhMiBod Love Life Vibrator, $59, available at OhMiBod.
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Photo: Courtesy of Liberator.
This firm, durable cushion helps you get into the perfect position for deeper penetration, oral sex, and so much more.

Liberator Heart Wedge, $79, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lelo.
This vibrator has eight different settings, but that's not all: It also pairs up with your music to vibrate to the beat of your choice.

Lelo Siri 2, $159, available at Lelo.
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This vibrating penis ring promises to give you superior sensations. With a multifunction vibrator inside of its silicone layers, the Pleasurepillar is waterproof, and comes with 10 different vibration modes to maximize your pleasure.

WonderLand Pleasurepillar Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring, $38, available at Good Vibrations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Crave.
If you're looking for something a little more discreet, look no further. This stainless steel vibrator can double as a necklace (we love the classy rose gold touches) and can be recharged via USB cable.

Crave Vesper, $69, available at Vesper.
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Photo: Courtesy of Je Joue.
For powerful external stimulation on any part of the body, try this compact, versatile vibe. It's a smart pick for sex-toy beginners and aficionados alike — we especially love its luxuriously soft silicone skin.

Je Joue Mimi Soft, $95, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy of LELO.
LELO touts its ORA 2 oral sex simulator as providing a "better-than-real" sensation of oral sex. While it's up to you to decide whether you concur, know that this toy is loved by many for the flicks and swirls of the protruding "tongue" on its side.

LELO ORA 2, $189, available at LELO.
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Photo: Courtesy Of OhMiBod.
You know by now that you should be doing Kegels: A strong pelvic floor contributes to energy, digestion, stamina, and, yes, better sex. But maybe you don't know where to start. Allow the Lovelife krush to show you the way. The vibrating, Bluetooth-enabled exerciser is easy to use, and its sensor technology gives you feedback on your PC muscles' performance.

OhMiBod Lovelife krush, $149, available at Lovelife.
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Image: Courtesy of Jimmyjane.
Introduce a sexy twist to your foreplay with a massage stone that you can heat or cool, then glide over your partner's erogenous zones. Blindfold him or her first to add the element of surprise.

Jimmyjane CONTOUR M Ceramic Massage Stone, $25, available at Jimmyjane.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lelo.
This innovative toy has become a must-have in the collection of many a pleasure connoisseur — or at least mine. The clitoral arm vibrates while the shaft both vibrates and moves back and forth for a double dose of G-spot and clitoral stimulation. It's a lot, but in a good way.

Lelo INA Wave, $179.10, available at Lelo.
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Photo: Courtesy of Iroha.
If phallic toys are not your thing, this classy five-speed vibrator very well might be. You can insert it if you want, but it's an equal delight when used externally.

Iroha Vibe Kushi Cream, $120, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
Leave the metal handcuffs to the movie sex scenes and invest in these silky restraints instead. They're much more seductive and comfortable.

Lovehoney Tease by Lovehoney Black Silky Restraints, $22.99, available at Lovehoney.
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Photo: Courtesy of B Swish.
This compact silicone massaging bullet is versatile and quiet, with six vibration cadences to match your mood. It's also waterproof — shower sex, anyone?

B Swish Bnaughty Deluxe Waterproof Bullet, $30, available at SheVibe.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trojan.
You may think that all lubes are created pretty much equal. You'd be wrong. This lube is to other lubes what silk underwear is to a spandex blend.

Trojan Continuous Silkiness Lubricant, $12.19, available at Target.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Fab.
We love the modular concept behind the Ooh By Je Joue vibrator collection: One motor and many attachments make for some exciting combinations.

Ooh By Je Joue London Collection No. 1 & No. 3, $95, available at Fab.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Crave.
Design-oriented sex toy company Crave's newest product is a sleek bullet vibe that is waterproof and USB rechargeable, with a recessed button that helps people avoid unintentionally changing the speed or turning it off.

Crave Bullet Vibrator, $45-75, available at Crave.
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Photo: Courtesy of Chakrubs.
For the décor-minded, this gorgeous green aventurine dildo is just as alluring on your mantle as in your vagina.

Chakrubs The Original Indian Jade, $150, available at Chakrubs.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Plume.
For those of you who are serious about your sex toy collections, the elegant, discreet Moi Box Deluxe is the perfect place to hygienically store and organize your treasures.

Plume Moi Box Deluxe, $99.99, available at Plume.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mindfold.
This blindfold isn't designed for using during sex, but many that are let in potentially scene-ruining amounts of light. If you're looking for total darkness in your bondage play, the Mindfold is for you.

Mindfold Sleep and Relaxation Eye Mask, $12, available at Amazon.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fun Factory.
The 10-inch Stronic Eins isn't for everyone, but those who like it love it. Rather than vibrating, this toy thrusts. Yes, like a penis. As one Stronic Eins enthusiast told me, "I lie there lazily like a dead fish and let it do the work!"

Fun Factory Stronic Eins, $189.99, available at Fun Factory.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Hitachi.
This wand is the LBD of sex toys: reliable, makes you feel amazing, and belongs in everyone's collection.

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable, $124.95, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy of Crave.
The Duet is ideal for women who like their toys on the subtler (and less phallic) side, and its unique, pronged shape offers a range of possible sensations for any body.

Crave Duet, $149, available at Crave.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lelo.
Not all handcuffs are metal (nor should they be, ouch). These classy suede-and-silk babies set a more romantic mood.

LELO ETHEREA Silk Cuffs, $59, available at LELO.
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Photo: Courtesy of Good Vibrations.
What's better than nipple clamps? Vibrating nipple clamps.

Good Vibrations Nipple Teasers Vibrating Nipple Clamps, $29, available at Good Vibrations.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Good Vibrations.
If you're interested in exploring anal play, these graduated-size beads on a flexible shaft offer an approachable, affordable point of entry.

California Exotic Novelties Booty Beads Silicone Anal Beads, $12, available at Good Vibrations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
Some penis rings are so inflexible as to be uncomfortable, but this stretchy, vibrating iteration is a joy for everyone involved.

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring, $22.99, available at Lovehoney.
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Photo: Courtesy of Eva.
This darling little toy has arms that nestle in your labia to provide you with hands-free clitoral stimulation.

Dame Products Eva, $105, available at Dame Products.
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Photo: Courtesy of Minna Life.
We love this cheery little vibrator for its genius user interface: Instead of fumbling with buttons, you set its intensity by squeezing it. Harder squeezing equals more intense vibrations.

Minna Life Limon, $119, available at Minna Life.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
If you're a flogging newbie, remember to read up on technique and take it slow (and communicate!).

Bondage Boutique Intermediate Thick Suede Flogger, $30, available at Lovehoney.
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Photo: Courtesy of Berman Innovations.
This ejaculating, strap-on dildo has a sweet backstory: Its creator, Stephanie Berman, developed the toy so that she could get her wife pregnant without using the traditional and utterly unromantic turkey baster or needleless syringe. (Their daughter Isabella is about to celebrate her second birthday.) POP is now a favorite among both people looking to get pregnant and people who love ejaculation.

Berman Innovations POP, $139.95, available at POP.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Adam & Eve.
If you're interested in anal play but want to ease your way into it and work your way up, this set is for you.

Adam & Eve Booty Boot Camp Training Kit, $29.95, available at Adam & Eve.
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A luxurious little blindfold that can double as a sleep mask, if you like.

Bijoux Indiscrets Shhh — Blindfold, $15.50, available at Bijoux Indiscrets.
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Photo: Courtesy of Babeland.
When burned, massage candles transform into oil that can heat up your skin-to-skin contact. Can everything in our life smell like Babeland's smoky, delicious Tobacco Sandalwood scent please? (Just remember not to use massage candles with latex products, such as condoms.)

Babeland Massage Candle, $6 to $16, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Pleasure Chest.
Because bondage tape sticks to itself rather than skin, it's secure while you use it and easy to take off afterward — no complicated rope-tying or -untying required.

The Pleasure Chest Pleasure Tape, $9.95, available at The Pleasure Chest.
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Photo: Courtesy Of The Pleasure Chest.
We were first drawn to this toy because of its adorable seahorse shape. Turns out, it's also the perfect shape for hitting both your G-spot and clit.

Fun Factory Delight Click N Charge, $119.95, available at The Pleasure Chest.
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Yeah, the name is unfortunate, but this thing works wonders. Its gentle sucking draws blood to the clit, which can lead to explosive orgasms (yes, plural).

Womanizer Womanizer Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator, $189, available at Good Vibrations.
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Full-body bondage with minimal set-up: All you need is a bed.

Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System, $76.99, available at Sportsheets.
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Photo: Courtesy of Babeland.
A dab of this all-natural formula delivers a pleasant, tingling sensation where it counts. Your clit, to be specific. (Again, don't use this with latex.)

Sliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel, $3.50 to $19, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Kama Sutra Company.
If food in the bedroom is your thing, you'll love this rich milk chocolate body paint.

The Kama Sutra Company Lover's Body Paint — Chocolate Caress, $13.99, available at DermStore.
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We're super amped to try the Lioness vibrator when it's out in the fall. This smart vibe records vaginal temperature and motion and connects with an app that delivers users insight into their sex lives — from how long it takes them to get aroused to when in their menstrual cycles sex might feel best. Since the fundraising campaign for it was launched on Indiegogo on February 9, it has already attracted $76,000, which is $26,000 more than its initial goal of $50,000. Hop over to Indiegogo to claim yours.

Lioness Lioness, $199, available at Indiegogo.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fab.
We're not shy about our love of penis rings. This strong and flexible version can take simultaneous orgasm during opposite-sex intercourse from pipe dream to reality.

Je Joue Mio, $109, available at Fab.
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Photo: Courtesy of Good Vibrations.
These sturdy, easy-to-use cuffs get the job done.

Good Vibrations Bound To Please Neoprene Restraints, $17.00, available at Good Vibrations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Early2Bed.
Deliciously weighty, silky-smooth anal plugs in three sizes or avant-garde conversation pieces for your mantel? You decide.

Njoy Plugs, $60, available at Early2Bed.
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Photo: Courtesy Of We-Vibe.
Designed for use during intercourse, We-Vibe's Fling is flexible, quiet, and USB-rechargeable — and oh, did we mention that you can even buy it at CVS?

We-Vibe Fling, $79.99, available at We-Vibe.
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Image: Courtesy of LELO.
LELO's INA Wave combines powerful vibrations with targeted G-spot stimulation for a very satisfying orgasm indeed.

LELO INA Wave, $199, available at LELO.
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Image: Courtesy of Babeland.
This isn't a sex toy, but it will do wonders for your sex life. This comprehensive tome from Babeland founders Clare Cavanah and Rachel Venning covers everything from birth control to BDSM; its illustrated sex-position guides will bust you out of your bedroom rut, stat.

Babeland Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex, $22.50, available at Babeland.
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Image: Courtesy of Wicked Sensual Care.
This vegan, latex-friendly herbal infusion heightens the sensitivity of your clit. It can help you reach orgasm more easily (and feel like a tingly goddess in the process). Start with a pea-sized amount, because it's powerful.

Wicked Sensual Care Awaken Stimulating Clitoral Massaging Gel, $19.99, available at PinkCherry.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fun Factory.
This powerful, ribbed vibrator pulsates and thrusts to mimic the sensations of intercourse.

Fun Factory STRONIC DREI, $189.99, available at Fun Factory.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jimmyjane.
We love the flexibility and texture of jelly-rubber penis rings, but we don't love the toxic plastic softeners in them. Enter Jimmyjane's elastomer ring, which mimics the feel of jelly rubber with none of the phthalates. Use with a water-based lube and go chase that simultaneous orgasm.

Jimmyjane Iconic Ring, $20, available at Jimmyjane.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jimmyjane.
If you like your lube and arousal gel organic and body-safe, you'll love this duo — and if you haven't yet tried arousal gel, we strongly encourage it.

Jimmyjane SLIP & ZING, $25, available at Jimmyjane.
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Photo: Courtesy of We-Vibe.
Instead of thinking of your G-spot as a magical love button that will drive you wild if only you can find it, think of it as a region of sensitive tissue located on the "front" (anterior) wall of the vagina that can feel wonderful when stimulated. Ask your partner to make a "come hither" motion with his or her fingers inside you, or give this boomerang-shaped baby a whirl. Its ergonomic design makes solo G-spot adventures a cinch.

We-Vibe Rave, $119, available at We-Vibe.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tantus.
You know that your clit is where the party's at and you're a fan of the personal-massager style of vibrator, but the heavy-duty Magic Wand packs a bit too much of a punch for you. If this is you, we've found your match. Rumble is a lightweight vibe with mid-range power that could not be easier to operate, and will get the job done.

Tantus Rumble, $129.99, available at Tantus.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fun Factory.
Can't choose between labial, clitoral, and G-spot stimulation? Thanks to this vibrator's thicker shaft, clitoral arm, and curvy shape, you don't have to. (We're fond of the hot-pink one ourselves.)

Fun Factory Miss Bi G5 Silicone Vibrator, $149.99, available at Good Vibrations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Crave.
We love anything that does double-duty, and these beautiful cuffs will adorn your wrists until you're ready to repurpose them as restraints.

Crave Leather Cuff Bracelet, $62, available at Crave.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sportsheets.
For comfortable restraints that won't buckle under pressure, ditch the cheesy metal handcuffs and don these easy-on, easy-off Velcro ones. They're beloved by bondage newbies and experts alike.

Sportsheets Sex and Mischief Black Beginner's Handcuffs, $14.99, available at Sportsheets.
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Photo: Courtesy of njoy.
This curvy, weighty toy is crafted for mind-blowing G-spot or prostate stimulation. It doesn't hurt that it looks so elegant you could display it on a coffee table.

nJoy Pure Wand, $110, available at nJoy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Babeland.
Have we mentioned that we love lube? Well, we do, and this formula is one of the best. Use it during partnered sex and masturbation, and even as a chafe protectant or styling product (yes, really!).

überlube Lubricant, $18, available at überlube.
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Photo: Courtesy of LELO.
You don't need a partner to have a thunderous G-spot orgasm. This sleek vibrator's curved, flattened tip does just fine on its own — but feel free to invite a third party to operate it.

LELO GIGI 2, $139, available at LELO.
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Photo: Courtesy Of OhMiBod.
If you're into the idea of public sex but aren't looking to get caught (or charged), consider a toy you can wear anywhere, without detection. This slim, curved vibe comes with a black thong with a sneaky custom pocket.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Panty Vibe, $79, available at OhMiBod.
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Photo: Courtesy of JeJoue.
Kegel newbies especially will appreciate how this trio of weights allows the user to start small and then build up to the pelvic floor of a superhero.

Je Joue Ami, $59, available at Fab.

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