This Is Our Jam: s / s / s (Serengeti, Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux), "Museum Day"

It’s weird to think that 2012 would bring about a Sufjan Stevens song where comparisons to 808s & Heartbreak-era Kanye West are more apt than any folk or indie parallels, but this is the Age of Adz in which we live. s / s / s’ “Museum Day” is the first release from the unlikely trio of Serengeti, Sufjan Stevens, and Son Lux, whose upcoming EP will be released on experimental Oakland hip-hop label Anticon.
Although Stevens’ voice is as beautiful as ever, it’s Serengeti’s rhymes — nostalgic, bittersweet, introspective — that are the emotional heart of the track: “Dinosaur museum day / follow me through different wings / we were supposed to be the kings / but we were doing dope too much.” Of course “Museum Day” wouldn’t work half as well without Stevens soaring, Auto-Tuned refrain (backed by Son Lux’s usual croon), whose chorus “I am re-coloring” is the perfect visual representation to Serengeti’s trip down memory lane. Sometimes the less an idea makes sense on paper the more exciting its execution; “Museum Day” is certainly one of those times.
s / s / s (Serengeti, Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux)
"Museum Day"
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