Beauty Test Lab: Rubber Nail Polish

We've freely admitted to being packaging snobs with our beauty products, but we think it's time we come clean about another of our beauty sins: We're name whores. If a product has a cool, enticing, just-plain-neat-o name, we're the first to snatch it up. Case in point: Rubber nail polish (admit it, you just got really interested, all of a sudden, didn't you?)
Created by British brand Illamasqua and promising to be a mix between a matte and a jelly, rubber nail polishes gave us an immediate "what the what" reaction, followed by a moment. So, of course we called in every shade on offer and had our very own Connie Wang put this new fingertip fad to the test. Check out the video to find out if rubber nail polish lived up to our expectations.
Illamasqua Rubber Nail Varnish, $14, available at Sephora.
Photographed by Lia Schryver

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