10 Real-Life Moments Right Out Of Zoolander

Update: This story was originally published on April 13, 2012, and Zoolander, well, that movie just never gets old. No matter how much the flick may make you laugh, outlandish fashion moments aren't always scripted. Here's proof.
We all know that there's more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking (chocolate-covered pretzels, for one. Or warm clothes straight from the dryer...you get the point).
But for some, the modus operandi is that fashion and beauty really are the end-all, be-all, which explains how some of the industry antics that follow happened IRL instead of in the next Zoolander film. Yes, that includes underground male model fights, 6-inch-tall bags made of diamonds, and the real-life version of Derelicte. Ahead, 10 fashion moments that'll have you thinking Mogatu is actually running the show.
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Chanel Transports A Real Iceberg To Paris — Chanel's fall '10 show featured fake fur snowsuits, Perspex ice cubes, and lots of Shackleton-chic accoutrements, but the centerpiece of the show was the massive iceberg that Karl Lagerfeld had shipped from Sweden for the event. Knowing Karl, the iceberg probably flew business.

Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo
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Patrick Mohr's Spring '11 Show — Typically, the spring season calls for a freshening-up in terms of runway makeup. But with hairy beard halos and bald pates, Patrick Mohr's beauty look for his spring '11 show was more super-grandpa than supermodel. Shudder.

Photo: Via of Patrick Mohr
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Brooke Shield's Smoking Quote — While acting as a spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign for the American Lung Association, Brooke Shields had a bit of a verbal diarrhea moment when she said, "If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." Sounds like someone needs to go to the Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

Photo: Via American Lung Asociation
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Rei Kawakubo's 'Bag Lady' Inspiration — Years after her '80s collections for Comme des Garcons, Rei Kawakubo stated that her design work was inspired by the bag women of NYC and their oversized, tattered dress. Though none of her collections were actually titled "Derelicte," they very well could have been.

Photo: Via V&A
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Male Model Fight ClubZoolander culminated in a male-model walk-off, but these very real male models chose to battle it out in the boxing ring instead of on the runway. In this NYMag exposé, we learned about an underground fight club that gave male models a couple hundred bucks to get into the ring with professional street fighters. Um.

Photo: Via NYMag/iO Tillett Wright
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The 6-Inch Birkin Made Of 2,712 Diamonds — Leave it to the most luxurious brand in the world to try to one-up...itself. While real Birkins are already ridiculously expensive and hard to come by, the brand came out with a 6-inch tall handbag bedazzled with 2,712 diamonds (Hermès recommends wearing it as a bracelet). Perfectly sized for a Center for Ants, we suppose?

Photo: Via WWD/Tobin Smith
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Model Fired After Eating Croissant — There are certain rules of etiquette at photo shoots, which is what the Abercrombie + Fitch team cited after firing Florian Van Bael on set. His crime? Eating a croissant when he wasn't supposed to. Didn't you know, Flo? Models aren't ever supposed to eat.

Photo: Via Major Model Management
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The Slave Earring Snafu — The Vogue Italia editors have never been the masters of PC, their 'Slave Earrings' shopping roundup really took the cake as one of the biggest head-to-desk moments in fashion history.

Photo: Via Vogue Italia
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The Louis Vuitton Shoe From Hell — For his spring '10 show, the always iconoclastic Marc Jacobs became a little iconocoo-coo and presented a collection filled with Gilly wigs (complete with bow), technicolor fox tails, Bermuda-length bike shorts, and the ugliest shoes we have ever seen. Ever. Our eyes are still smarting.

Photo: Via Louis Vuitton
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Drop-Crotch Skinny Jeans — During the heyday of drop-crotch styles, we didn't blink twice at a grown-ass woman walking down the street with a deflated beach ball attached to her posterior. Was it cool? Yes. Edgy? Definitely. Flattering? Probably not. Recently, Oak took the look one step further and created the drop-crotch skinny jean, a frightening mutation of the harem pant that is neither cool nor edgy, and is probably better suited to keeping your adult diaper in place rather than serving as real pants.

Photo: Via Oak

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