10 Store-Bought Holiday Foods That Save So Much Time

You know the drill: Approximately one month before the holidays, invitations start rolling in. And while you’re thrilled — who doesn’t love an excuse to drink eggnog and sample desserts with loved ones? — there’s a certain level of stress that comes with every engagement. It’s especially panicky for those who don’t have time to create a dish at home, which, let’s be honest, is all of us.

While it’s good manners to bring a host gift, or, you know, provide food for those who show up at your pad, doing so doesn’t have to require hours crouching in front of the stove. These delicious, store-bought foods available online and in grocery stores are perfect for a wide array of holiday fêtes. From creamy soup to a flaky and sweet Edwards dessert, the 10 items ahead are ready to step in as sous chef and ensure you get to spend time enjoying friends, family, and even your Netflix account. Because, as rumor has it, this month really can be enjoyable.
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Pacific Foods Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
Squash soup is the ultimate fall-to-winter dish, but does anyone actually know how to cut a gourd? (Presumably someone must...) Fortunately, this premade version, which happens to be not only perfectly creamy but also gluten- and dairy-free, can be found at most major grocery stores.
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Nancy’s Petite Quiche
To impress someone the moment he or she walks in the door, offer up a tray of these bite-sized morsels. One package includes 16 each of Lorraine (bacon and Swiss cheese) and Florentine (Swiss cheese and spinach) quiches, satisfying both veg-heads and carnivores.
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Edwards Georgia Style Pecan Pie
The South knows its pies, and this Georgia-inspired pecan version is no exception. Flaky pastry dough is treated to nutty-sweet filling and then topped with halved pecans. All you need to do is add that final dollop of whipped cream, because why not?
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King’s Hawaiian Rolls
A strong smorgasbord is all about the balance of savory and sweet; consider these fluffy, almost honey-like dinner rolls a solid vote for the sweet team. Throw 'em in the oven for a few minutes before serving for that just-baked feel.
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Eden Organic Apple Butter
Equally sweet and tangy, this butter is essentially a reduced version of applesauce. Yes, you can enjoy it by the spoonful, but you can also use it to dress up any store-bought dish — from bread to veggies to desserts. And if you’re building a slider on one of those aforementioned Hawaiian rolls? Add a swipe of this stuff.
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Strongbow Apple Cider
Those who love hard cider know this English import is the best around. Try one of the more unusual flavors — take your pick of cherry blossom, honey, and ginger — or stick with traditional apple.
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Trader Joe’s Root Vegetable Galette
A flaky, buttery crust and savory filling? Count us in. The root vegetables in this easy-to-heat app or side dish are flavored with a distinct mix of herbs and spices, including Turkish sage. Serve with a dollop of sour cream on top.
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Freshdirect Pre-Cooked Green Beans
Too often, veggies become a bland, soggy mess. These precooked green beans, however, are always tender and crunchy.
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Heinz Roasted Turkey Gravy
Store-bought gravy has a seriously bad rep for its not-quite-right, too-thick texture. Not this version. Made from turkey stock and a proprietary blend of spices, it instantly transforms any turkey (even the one your friends burnt) into a succulent treat.
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Tate’s Ginger Zinger Cookies
This small bakery in Southampton, NY has swept the nation with a simple idea: packaged cookies that are perfectly crisp every time. Tate's take on the classic ginger cookie is slightly spicy and full of crystallized ginger, making it ideal for cold-weather holidays.

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