Tired Of Mainstream Everything? Hit This Awards Show All About Indie Flair

Before we hit the RAWards: Natural Born Artists' wild fete last year, we'll be honest — we didn't know what to expect. But, we were instantly smitten with one designer on its green carpet, and she actually ended up being our Golden Globes gown go-to! After that coup, the event was a roving spectacle (think runway shows, flash-mob performances, and underground art lounges) of untapped talents, residing in every cranny of the country. The organization aims to take emerging artists to next-level status, and since we're one-hundred percent on the same page, R29 was honored to be a judge in the Fashion and Accessories categories for this year's show.
Believe us, it was a daunting weekend-long task (seriously!) to sift through hundreds of savvy sartorialists and charm-weavers with such knack. Well, we're stoked to announce the champs today, and give you a healthy dose of hurrah for the result of following your dreams. Philly-based fashion winner Autumn Kietponglert of Autumlin & the Heartless Revival has an intricate collection of supernatural threads, which have landed her avant-garde spreads in Marie Claire and Zink, and this collection is just fun to look at, let alone wear! On the adornment front, Erica Dunk of Hyper Haute Jewelry took top billing, and we're already itching to get our hands on one of her frisky necklaces (Ke$ha rocked one in Vibe that we may have to snatch).
Right here is a small sampling of the vision and artistry these ladies have seized, but be sure to hit the show Sunday for the full runway parade. The winners in seven other categories (photography, film, music, performing art, hair, and makeup) will be flaunting what they've got, too. And, if you were thinking of staying home to watch the Globes, think again — this party will be where it's at.
When: January 13, 6 p.m.
Where: The Belasco Theater, 1050 South Hill Street (near West 11th Street); 213-746-5670.
How: Tickets are $15 per person, online.

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