P'Trique As A Child: 100% Of The Personality, 10% Of The Size

A "passion for fashion," if you will, can have a few different origin stories. There are the outsiders, who spent a gawky adolescence poring over fashion magazines through their orthodontic headgear, forced to stretch the limits of their sartorial creativity with a tiny closet of hand-me-downs. There are the contrarians, who rebelled against a strict tradition of uniforms, tidiness, and propriety, looking to stand out in their clothing. And, then? Then, there are those who were born with it.
No one embodies fashion fanaticism quite like P'Trique, who allowed us to glimpse inside the psyche of a child style star. Though the peplums might be smaller, the crushes a tad younger, and the designer beverages better paired with cookies than crudité (and the beard a tad less hirsute), trust us when we say that the queen's been reigning since she could walk. Check out the video below to see P'Trique make all those other toddlers' tiaras look like scrap metal.

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