Our 8 Biggest Plus-Size Clothing Gripes

Let's all agree that plus-size clothes have come leaps and bounds from the sad, saggy sacks of yore. But, there are still way too many options that are...how do we put this? Uninspiring. While it's true that bad fashion knows no size limit — and there are plenty of frumpy, blah options for smaller women, too — for some reason, we just find so many sartorial let-downs for girls with curves.
From inconsistent sizing to over-the-top embellishments and weird peekaboos (sometimes all on the same garment!), we're letting it out and declaring our top eight plus-clothing gripes. Do you share our pain? Don't be shy, hit the comments and let us know what you're sick of, too.
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1. Embellishments On Embellishments. On Embellishments.
When you see a shirt that has a photo print, plus sequins, and studs, and ombre (and most likely some inspirational phraseology), you can't help but wonder: Under what influence was the designer who created this arts-and-crafts nightmare?

2. All-Over-The-Place Sizing.
We know that this is an issue that affects all women, but it seems to be more prevalent among plus-size clothes. One lady (this writer included) can own items ranging in size from a 12 to 22, and can be different sizes even within the same store. Since so many plus-clothing outlets are still tucked away on the internet, you could very well have to buy two, even three, of one item just to try it on and return what doesn't fit.

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3. This Print.
It defies all explanation, but this all-over paisley print in obnoxiously bright, cheesy colors is everywhere! Sure, there are some beautiful and sophisticated Persian paisleys out there. This is not one. Why do so many plus-size stores think that this dizzying design is the one print women want? It’s not, and we don't want to settle for it, either.

4. Sharkbite-Hem Shirts.
High-low tops drape extra material to the sides of your body, but why, really? Not only does the material pile up on the hips, but the higher-cut center can draw the eye directly to your crotch. Which, last we checked, isn't what anyone seeks in a shirt.

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5. Mom Jeans (Not The Cool Kind)
Like right out of that SNL skit, mom jeans are a nightmare come to life. Sadly, the dowdiness doesn’t stop with elastic waistlines. There are plenty of fatal denim flaws that will make you appear a few decades older than you are. And, come on, we all know style doesn’t end as you age!

6. Three-Quarter Sleeved Everything.
We're sorry, is there some kind of law stating that all plus-size tops must be three-quarter sleeved? Just at a quick glance at one major department store showed hundreds of three-quarter-length sleeves in the plus section, compared to merely a handful of other styles. Simply put: Our elbows are aching to be free.

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7. Giving You The Cold Shoulder.
We believe that loving and accepting our bodies is important, but we also get that some women are still struggling to be confident in their own skin. So, while we think you can rock a sleeveless top regardless of arm tone, we sometimes share the desire to stay covered. It's this in-between, cut-out, cold-shoulder nonsense that's not helping anyone.

8. Think Outside The Box.
Women, regardless of size, are not shaped like boxes. Even if you have an athletic frame or are thicker in the middle, this does not a cube make. Regardless of that biological fact, many stores offer cuts that are more appropriate for SpongeBob's shape than an actual human form. Who is this helping?


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