20 Things Women With Great Style ALWAYS Do

It's hard to pinpoint just what makes a woman stylish. Is it a vast, amazing wardrobe complete with high- and low-end pieces, alike? Is it a signature uniform that's hers and hers alone? Or, does it simply come from the inside, a je ne sais quoi that oozes all over, from her lapels down to her hemline?

That's the thing about style — it's difficult to define. But, what we do know is that the people who have it, always have a few things in common: an out-of-the-box styling tip or an overarching dressing philosophy, a knack for flea markets or an undying love for the plain white tee. And, since personal style is very much a journey — we can’t even tell you how many times our own aesthetics have changed over the years — we asked 20 stylish women for the tips they swear by, to help you on yours. Read on for insider secrets to looking (and feeling) your best, always.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kai Avent-deLeon.
"Whenever I am in a new city, I always ask the locals for the best markets or thrift stores. I am a diehard market shopper and love to explore the creations from local artisans. I find that most of the bigger brands always take a lot of influence from native styles of other cultures, too, so it's cool to match something traditional with a contemporary piece."
Kai Avent-deLeon, owner, Sincerely Tommy
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Photo: Courtesy of Karen Walker.
"Even behind closed doors, where no one else is going to see, you're going to see you. So I always take my own sunglasses (Karen Walker, obviously) when I go to the dentist, so that when they tip you back and turn on the big overhead light you don’t have to wear their always ghastly (and no-doubt purchased from the gas station or pharmacy) glasses they think are acceptable protective-wear."
Karen Walker, fashion designer
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Photo: Courtesy of Juliana Salazar.
"Steam everything! I feel like wrinkle-free clothes are really underrated, but a good steam really makes a world of difference (my mom loves to remind me of this). I always bring whatever I'm wearing on a hanger into the bathroom when I'm taking a hot shower for a quick steam, and then turn the heat all the way up once I get out for another five to 10 minutes. It's so much easier than using an actual iron or steamer, and I swear it works!"
Juliana Salazar, social media director, Hirshleifers
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Photo: Courtesy of Arielle Charnas.
"[I always] ask styling advice from my mother. She’s always honest with me, and mothers know best."
Arielle Charnas, blogger, SomethingNavy
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Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Chan.
“To be on-trend without wasting money on clothes I may only wear for six months, I buy classic pieces — like button-downs, wide-leg pants, and pointy-toe heels — in the shape or colorway of the season. This fall, I’m shopping for pencil skirts with a touch of fringe and de-constructed white shirts.”
Lauren Chan, associate fashion writer, Glamour
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Photo: Courtesy of Marianna Hewitt.
"I always take a picture of myself in the mirror and check it before walking out the door. Sometimes an outfit can look different in a photo than in person, and it helps to see how it photographs."
Marianna Hewitt, lifestyle blogger
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Photo: Courtesy of Stacey Bendet.
"I'm the biggest 1stdibs fan for all of my non-Alice + Olivia looks — I usually start my searches there. I always find the most amazing accessories for every outfit and spend many hours on the app."
Stacey Bendet, CEO and creative director, Alice + Olivia
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Photo: Courtesy of Pari Ehsan.
"Style, I think, is all about feeling your look, and for me, shoes really set the tone. My Chanel lace-up boots and Miu Miu platform sandals are always an instant pick-me-up."
Pari Ehsan, founder and creative director, Pari Dust
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Photo: Courtesy of Freddie Harrel.
"I’m not so keen on accessories and jewelry, but it doesn’t mean that I keep my style bare! I love to inject hints of colors in my outfits, so even if I’m dressed in black from head-to-toe or wearing sweatpants for a quick trip to the grocery store, my bubbly personality still comes across."
Freddie Harrel, fashion blogger and stylist
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Photo: Courtesy of Samantha Pleet.
"When I stumble upon another creative lady I want to collaborate with on Instagram, I'll sometimes direct message [her] to see if we can get something brewing. Its a great way to make connections effortlessly."
Samantha Pleet, fashion designer
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Photo: Courtesy of Lizzie Fortunato.
"I am such a collector, so when I’m traveling (whether it’s home to Delaware or in India) I’m always stopping at yard sales, flea markets, artisanal markets, and the like. Finding one-of-a-kind treasures (even if they’re only $5!) for your wardrobe or for your home is totally part of my shopping mantra. I think it’s always better to have something unique than to have something on-trend that every other girl has."
Lizzie Fortunato, designer
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Photo: Courtesy of Rachael Wang.
"I have every pair of pants hemmed. Let's be real for a second — I am not a model, nor do my measurements reflect those of one, and off-the-rack pants are tailored to the body of a fit model. In order for pants to fit my body perfectly (and I will accept nothing less), I take them to the local dry cleaner where, for 10 bucks, I have them cropped the inch or two necessary to reflect my inseam."
Rachael Wang, stylist and creative director
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Photo: Courtesy of Alyssa Lau.
"Invest in timeless clothing that will last you years, and keep cheap clothing out of the landfill. Quality over quantity is my mantra when I shop. "
Alyssa Lau, photographer and founder, Shop New Classics
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Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Gotch.
"I have large breasts, so finding dresses to fit me is a bit of a struggle. Always go up a size and have your tailor fit the dress to you. Tailoring makes a huge difference, especially if you are not sample size."
Stephanie Gotch, publicist and consultant
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Photo: Courtesy of Sama and Haya Khadra.
"Walk! Whenever we visit a new city, we make an effort to walk a lot in the right areas. Ask a local where to go! We’ve found the most amazing pieces in random stores while wandering around exploring a city."
Sama and Haya Khadra, creative directors, DJs, and models
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Photo: Courtesy of Hannah Metz.
"I love independent designers and love to support my pals in the community by buying and wearing their designs. Shopping local and ethically manufactured garments should always be in style."
Hannah Metz, fashion designer, H.K.M.
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Photo: Courtesy of Paula Mendoza.
"When traveling, always have one black T-shirt and one white T-shirt. You never know what the weather may end up being, and these are the perfect layering tools. They can also take you from day-to-night, by removing the T-shirt from underneath a dress and having your evening look ready to go!"
Paula Mendoza, jewelry designer
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Photo: Courtesy of Samantha Hillman.
"Don't buy something just to wear it to an event — chances are you'll buy something that checks all the boxes and then never wear it again. Instead, I peruse shops all the time, maybe nearly every day, and buy things I love, not because I need them for something in particular, but because I really love them and am looking for occasions to wear them. An occasion will always come."
Samantha Hillman, food stylist
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Photo: Courtesy of Lainy Hedaya.
"People with good style always have some level of consistency. I think that goes hand-in-hand with staying true to yourself. I look at the pieces I wore in middle school and I'm still like, 'Yeah, that black zipper-adorned coat was fucking awesome.' I also never shop with people. I always regret what I buy when there is a second opinion. Clothes are so personal; it should be what I want to wear, not what other people like."
Lainy Hedaya, creative consultant
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Photo: Courtesy of Jess Hannah.
"Every few months, I go through my closet and take out anything that hasn't been getting much wear. I sell all of my lesser-worn items on Depop to make room for new friends. This keeps me from turning my room into a giant closet, and my wardrobe feeling fresh."
Jess Hannah, designer, J. Hannah Jewelry

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