Penis Leggings Are A Thing—And People Are Actually Wearing Them

penis leggings embedPhoto: Via Buzzfeed.
We say "people", but as yet we've (thankfully) only seen photographic evidence of one individual sporting the said garment. Still, we feel they are significant enough to be worthy of discussion. The phallic Lycra concoctions were created by Dutch designer Bas Kosters, and can be yours for a not-so-shabby 99€ (about $135). If you really want to commit yourself to Bas' aesthetic, you can buy a matching tunic top for 399€, or you can turn up the volume with the "Disco Dick" version of the pants, which feature a show-stopping (and no doubt conversation-halting) shimmer finish.
And if you and your partner like to coordinate your looks, you'll be pleased to know that the leggings are available for both men and women, so no one will feel left out. The guy is clearly a genius.
But it's not just about assorted penii (yeah it's a word), Bas has created a gaggle of style delights that include pants patterned with people's faces—helpfully entitled "Is That An Eye Or Your Vagina?"—where the eyes have been replaced by...well, you can guess.
Of course this photo offers little insight into the type of fashion fan who is keeping Bas in business, apart from the book, which suggests that his work appeals to admirers of Liberace. But then that's pretty much everyone, right?

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