8 Clever Packed Lunch Hacks We Stole From Kids

Photo: Stockfood USA.
There are people who are really good at packing their lunch every day, but many of us fall somewhere along the spectrum of "will do it reluctantly" to "will inevitably end up running to Chipotle three times a week." As much as we tend to think of responsibly packed lunches from home as a challenge of adulting, in reality, some of us have been enjoying them since our elementary school days.
Our brown bags of yesteryear are the kind of thing we left behind long ago, along with glitter gel pens and slap bracelets. But, maybe we gave up on our trusty Ariel lunch box too soon. We looked back at the best packing strategies for kids' lunches and realized that they can work for grown-ups, too. (Not to mention make our weekday mornings that much easier.)
Whether you never pack lunch or are just looking to step up your game, here are eight easy tips that are way too good not to use, even as adults. If you'd rather not go the way of Disney characters and Capri Suns at this point in your life, don't worry — we've also got some slightly more mature ways to implement them.

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