Introducing The Touchscreen Enabled Press-On Fingernail

Most likely, you own at least one touchscreen appliance. Heck, you could be reading this post on a tablet right now. But if you have long nails, you might just suffer a wee bit of awkwardness while trying to use your finger as a cursor. In particular, the precision of using the exact top of your fingertip for finer motions is not really an option.
To address this completely first-world problem, Tech Tips — a producer of finger-worn touchscreen styluses — is developing Nano Nails, a press-on nail with a stylus tucked underneath. Of course, you could glaze the nail with whatever color you want, but the true attraction here would be a having a built-in appliance that actually offered more precision than the human finger. Drawing and other stylus-required actions would be available at (we really wrote ourselves into a corner there). Fancy.
Now, our opinions on press-on nails are mixed at best, and we have no way of knowing exactly how these particular versions — with their embedded styluses — will feel when applied. Will they be heavy? Thick? Intrusive? We have no idea. But, still, it's nice to see tech-product developers designing with (fashionable) women in mind. That said, we'd be even more interested to see a touchscreen-friendly top polish developed for use on our (very) natural nails.
So, what's your take? Would you apply these press-on wonders? Tell us in the comments below. (Gizmodo via PSFK)
Video: Via YouTube

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