The Best Ways To Kill Time At Work

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Like operating a printing press or repairing a horse-drawn buggy, killing time is a lost art form. That's not to say we don't know how to do it anymore — passing by the long hours between 9 and 5 is easy in the Internet age. But doing it artfully is a different matter entirely.
Any old slave to the web can browse XKCD for hours on end or fall deep into the annals of Le Memé. But, it takes a special kind of someone to kill time in a way that is, paradoxically, productive. Using the power of your workplace boredom for good is a noble cause. To enable that cause, we give you a slideshow (that's a solid 10 minutes of your day taken care of!) rounding up all the best sites to pass the day away without feeling bad about it. Heck, you might even emerge as a better, smarter, more talented person.
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Originally envisioned as a Craigslist for graphic designers looking to connect with brands, has also made a name for itself as a rabbit hole of crazy infographics. If you're a sucker for data represented in unexpected ways...well, see you next week.
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Maybe you've heard about it (who hasn't?), but you just haven't gotten around to using it? Now would be a great time, considering summer as an excuse for living on the hog is quickly fading. Financial analysis might not sound thrilling, but actually looking at where and how you spend your money can really be quite enthralling — not to mention the guessing game of trying to figure out how you possibly dropped that much at Chipotle in the course of a month.
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Image: Via Not Impossible Now.
Not Impossible Now
Scientific advancement for a good cause, and fascinating technology to boot? That's what Not Impossible writes about — and, sometimes, actually helps make happen. Take the heartwarming Project Daniel, for example.
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Image: Via Hyperallergic.
Weird, cool, fascinating, esoteric articles of the sort that isn't often found on the Internet these days. And, great conversation fodder for the next time you find your real life looking uncomfortably similar to the movie Metropolitan.
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Image: Via Online Etymology Dictionary.
Online Etymology Dictionary
Another great way to feel instantly smarter. This simple academic tool tells the story of how words came to be — and the many strange meanings they've had in the past.
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Image: Via Ikea Hackers.
Ikea Hackers
Come for the apartment tips, stay for the completely ingenious methods for transforming Malmos or Smalgs or Blergdals or whatever into life-changing devices.
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Image: Via Duolingo.
This language-learning site (also an app) has been heralded as a breakthrough by all kinds of experts and students alike. Based on the "gamify everything" philosophy of life/technology, there's no surprise it's addictive. But, hey, it works!
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Image: Via Unplug The TV.
Unplug The TV
Come on. Turn off that 13th straight episode of Judge Judy, and try this instead!
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Image: Via Wait But Why.
Wait But Why
The perfect mix of silly and serious information on just about anything you've ever wondered about.
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Image: Via Get Work Done Music.
Get Work Done Music
For when you're ready to actually end your allotted time-wasting hour.

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