12 Badass Suits That Work For EVERY Type Of Office

The two-piece suit may not seem like most inspiring wardrobe choice — especially for your 9-to-5 — but it's actually one with tons of untapped potential. For starters, just because a store offers a coordinating blazer and trouser doesn't mean you need to (or should) buy them as a set. In truth, we can't even count how many times we've tried on a pant only to realize the matching jacket is all wrong for us. Thankfully, we have a remedy that'll make suiting up fun — and not a chore.
Discerning shoppers that we are, we took our infatuation with the classic, work co-ord one step further, concocting our own combinations for a dozen brand-new, never-before-seen pairings. Consider this your next DIY, and fast-forward for the duos that’ll be a welcome addition to any woman's closet — desk job or not.
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A pleated skirt and punchy blazer is definitely one way to jump-start your Monday. Further, we suggest unifying the look with like colors. The red waistband detail on this Trademark skirt makes it seem as though it was always meant to be paired with this Surface To Air jacket.
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We're continuing to ride the culotte wave with an outfit so boss, we wager it'll make you're actual boss jealous.
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Look for subtle details that'll tie your two-piece together. Here, we paired a colorblocked blazer with a tuxedo-stripe trouser.
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Don't be afraid to mix tones. The grays here are a little different from one another, but ultimately, it's the similar, relaxed silhouette that's harmonizing the top and bottom.
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There's nothing boring about this neutral getup. Instead of the pant that actually pairs with this blazer, we swapped in a delicately pleated midi-skirt that'll instantly add some flare to your 9-to-5 lineup.
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The sheer drama of this jacket is enough to make us swoon. So, we kept the rest of the look understated, styling it with a simple, cropped pant. Finish with a pair of menswear-themed flats to blow this one completely out of the water.
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Any of the colors in Front Row's striped skirt would make an excellent choice of jacket. To keep things easy, though, we paired it with something your probably already own: a classic, black blazer.
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Here's where things get a little interesting: On its own, this vest and miniskirt pairing is pretty limited to those in creative fields. But, by adding a turtleneck and tights, you've got a co-ord that's cool and office appropriate.
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Suit trousers suffer wear and tear about two times quicker jackets — the amount we move around in them is likely to blame. If money is tight, splurge on a quality pair of slacks and supplement with a more affordable blazer to cut costs where you can.
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It's truly surprisingly to us that this expertly-matched co-ord isn't actually meant to go together. The satin blazer is J.Crew Collection design while the floral pant is by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. It's just a happy coincidence that this happens to be the coolest, pajama-inspired outfit...maybe ever.
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The subtle cobalt trim on the label of this Balenciaga topper is begging for a similarly tinted wide-leg pant to play with it.
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While not a go-to for conservative offices, this neon-yellow outfit is sure to garner plenty of attention after hours.

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