Line 'Em Up: A List Of Potential Boyfriends For Miley, Just In Case

Miley Cyrus is the first to admit that she can't be tamed. So, when she announced her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, the world did a double take. At only 19, the ex-Disney pop starlet was getting hitched. And even amidst rumors of Liam cheating and a rocky engagement, Miley flashed her three-karat ring proudly and defended their relationship. Young love, however may have proved itself fleeting. Recent reports surfaced that the pair split, though Miley is now vehemently tweeting that the rumors are false.
But before she made the truth known, we got a little too excited. We dreamt about the potential line of suitors for Ms. Cyrus. And maybe we got a little bit carried away. So, sue us (no, wait, don't). With her punky attitude, bad boys could be in her future. Her dating history, however, shows Miley likes the buttoned up, slightly scruffy, all-American guy's guy. In the event she does move on from Liam, we couldn't resist playing Matchmaker while we wait for the official news.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram / @mileycyrus.

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