20 Amazing Hairstyles From Real NYC Girls

We hate to be one of those losers who always talks about the weather, but excuse us while we say this heat is hell. Our motivation's down, we have no clue—none—what to wear, and ugh, this hair. If you feel like us (please commiserate!), we know you're running on empty. Our solution? Scour the city streets for gals whose creativity apparently flourishes in a steam bath, hair-wise that is. In between copious iced skinny vanilla lattes, we snapped our favorite 'dos, and tapped some of the lock-smart ladies for their summer hair secrets. 20 photos later (and an $80 Starbucks bill), we're feeling inspired to try out some of these inspiring hairstyles—but don't think we'll stop complaining about Mother Nature's sauna.
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Eloisa Carvalho

Occupation: Model

Why we snapped her? Simply put: we couldn't help but admired her natural, soft waves and side-swept bangs.

What's her hair secret? Eloisa swears by horse shampoo, Mane 'n Tail. "It makes your hair grow!" she says. While her hair is naturally wavy, and today without any product, she says she'll usually assist her 'do with Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Occupation: Pastry chef at Momofuku

Why we snapped her? Even in the pouring rain, Tessa's hair was sleek and chic.

What's her hair secret? This cutie always makes sure to let her hair dry naturally, and she's a loyal user of Schwarzkopf hair powder.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Xiomara Small

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Why we snapped her? We admire a lady who makes a buzzed 'do look so very chic. We spotted Xiomara's sunny locks as she picked up a few cupcakes for an afternoon snack. Paired with a big, bright smile, how could we not snap her?

What's her hair secret? To maintain her locks, Xiomara hits up the barbershop every five weeks and touches up her color with Dark and Lovely Fade Resistant Conditioning Color in Light Golden Blonde. To keep her hair healthy, she also uses leave-in conditioner by Carol's Daughter.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Elizabeth Ozarowski

Why we snapped her?Pulled back and coupled with a black headband, Elizabeth's hair game is as cool as her bright-red lipstick.

Favorite Hair Product: Bed Head Shine Spray

Photo by Mark Iantosca
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And here's Elizabeth from the back, sporting a twisted French braid...

Photo by Mark Iantosca
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Jessica Miller, Shiraz events

Why we snapped her? She looks so happy! And why wouldn't she with that ginger mane? Long and a lil' curly—code red in the best possible way!

Favorite Hair Product: Pureology

Photo by Mark Iantosca
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Abby McCreary

Occupation: Concierge at The Bowery Hotel

Why we snapped her? She's a total blonde bob-shell.

What's her hair secret? Abby cares for her golden tresses with Clairol Shimmer Lights products and says she uses Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo everyday. "It looks like you just showered even when you're dirty," she admits.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Amisha Patel, owner of odekids.com

Why we snapped her? Her healthy waves and gorgeous skin stood out a mile a way.

Favorite Hair Product: Redken Outshine

Photo by Mark Iantosca
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Why we snapped her? We love a girl with cocktail (especially if it's pink!), and we also adore anyone who can rock braids and a topknot so effortlessly. Cheers!

Photo by Mark Iantosca
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Occupation: Just graduated from Syracuse, eventually going to law school

Why we snapped her? We love her asymmetrical style, especially the cool racing stripes shaved into one side.

What's her hair secret? Jazz it up every day, and always, always wear a head wrap at night.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Quiana Roberts

Occupation: Stylist at Topshop

Why we snapped her? Those pretty little roses and the contrast of her bleached-blonde tips caught our eyes right away. While the weather outside was enough to make a girl melt, Quiana kept it cool with this super-pretty knotted bun that she wrapped with the floral headband.

What's her hair secret? An admitted "low-maintenance" kind of girl, Quiana says that a little John Frieda Frizz Ease keeps her frizz at a controllable level. "But I like the frizz," she admits. "I try to keep the texture."

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Occupation: Student (from Scotland!)

Why we snapped her? When we saw Melanie coming out of Topshop, we were immediately drawn in by her messy, bright-blond locks and her gorgeous printed maxi dress.

What's her hair secret? Melanie's philosophy is "the bigger the better," so she always teases with a comb. Plus, she's tried every color under the sun!

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Why we snapped her? A black bob that's sleek and oh-so-symmetrical!

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Masha Yushina (Masha Moore)

Occupation: Student from Russia

Why we snapped her? It's easy to notice hair that's been dyed and fried, but Masha caught our lens for her noticeably thick, rich locks styled in a high ponytail and perfectly-placed bangs.

What's her hair secret? Good genes. Seriously. No products, no tools, good old genetics for healthy, long locks. We're jealous.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Why we snapped her? Hello, Free Love! This chick looks absolutely groovy with thick, lustrous hair that's long and wavy—and very natural looking.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Kate Emerson Occupation: Retoucher

Why we snapped her? We loved Kate's short, red locks so much, we chased them down the streets of Soho.

What's her hair secret? Another low-maintenance gal, Kate says she dyes her hair once a month with whichever shade of red (always red) that stands out to her. Other than that, she's the ultimate example of a wash-and-go kind of girl.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Shyan Lovell

Occupation: Student

Why we snapped her? Lots of height at the crown, gorgeous curls, and a killer headwrap: this girl's got some serious hair swag.

What's her hair secret? Miss Jessie's products are the best for curly hair, she says. As a very conscious consumer, Shyan also makes sure to use only products that have little or no sulfate. She maintain the health of her hair with twice-weekly conditionings using natural oils, such a olive oil or carrot oil.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Why we snapped her? Props for creativity, right? We hear the I Love Lucy-style knotted head scarf, while the bangs and updo really add some flair.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Momoko Ogihara

Occupation: Designer

Why we snapped her? Mermaid locks and rose gold hair, what's not to envy?

What's her hair secret? While Momoko credits a hot iron for the perfect ripples in her mane, she also uses moroccan oil everyday for healthy-hair maintenance.

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Why we snapped her? The messy bun and flowy side part is so on trend, and we do love a blonde!

Photo by Mark Iantosca
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Federica Maiorano

Occupation: Student

Why we snapped her? We love Federica's long, straight locks while sporting one of our favorite hair trends: ombre highlights. (Plus, we are completely crushing for those vintage Missoni sunglasses!).

What's her hair secret? Federica admits that her locks have come with help from a Brazilian straightening treatment, a blow dryer, and hair iron. However, she says that Pantene Pro-V's Curls To Straight Shampoo maintains her smooth style.

Photo by Tracy Wang

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